Smart Futures PhD Scholarship

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Research and Development Branch
Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation
Commitment to Smart State vision
• Smart State Strategy 3
• Moving from “Bricks to Brains”
• Building on the past 10 years
– Critical mass of infrastructure
– Connectivity of researchers
and industry
• Trebling of investment in people
Institute for Molecular Bioscience,
University of Queensland
• Existing industries smarter
• bioplastics from sugar cane,
fibre composites in aircraft
• Smart industries bigger
• Environmental services,
tropical, aerospace & aviation
• Tangible benefits for regions
• 85% of past decade’s
productivity improvements in
agriculture driven by R&D
• Engaged Communities
–Emerging centre for aerospace and
Smart Futures Fund (2008-2012)
• $2 million for R&D Forums and Technology Clinics to provide
industry solutions
• $60 million for the Innovation Project Fund to support
collaborations between researchers and industry research
• $20 million for the Innovation Skills Fund to attract and retain the
brightest minds in science and industry
R&D Forums
To enhance regional industry and research collaborations
and to increase number of high quality regional applications
for Smart Futures Fund
Tech Clinics
To facilitate industry’s access to innovative and technical
solutions in order to improve productivity of priority industry
sectors and to maximise market options
Priority Issues for this Round
•Advanced Manufacturing
•Aviation & Aerospace
•Alternative Fuels and Technologies
•Biotechnology, Therapeutic Medicines and Devices
•Creative Industries
•Environmental Technologies and Emerging industries
•Information and Communication Technologies
•Marine and Fibre Composites
•Tourism, Food Industry and Wine Development
• Supporting research, commercialisation and export of
Qld tropical expertise
• Supporting climate change adaptation and/or mitigation,
and renewable energy.
• Building social science capabilities aligned to the Toward
Q2, Tomorrow’s Queensland priorities.
Overview – Skills Fund
– Premiers Fellowship
building research leadership
$1.25 million over five years
– Smart Futures Fellowships
building critical mass of
internationally recognised
Level 1: up to $300,000 over three years
Level 2: up to $150,000 over three years
– Commercialisation
Up to $100,000/year for three to 18 months
– NEW Commercialisation
Innovation Investment Exchange
Up to $45,000 for 12 to 30 weeks
– Commercialisation
Up to $100,000/year for six to 24 months
– PhD Scholarships
building foundations of a sustainable
innovative research community
$24,000 over 3 years
General Info – Skills Fund
• CV’s will NOT be requested for any
Skills grant program.
• Maximum word limits will be
recommended for all SF applications,
and enforced on some forms.
Smart Futures Premier’s Fellowships &
Smart Futures Fellowships
• Applicants must apply for the full amount of funding.
• Applicants who have previously received a:
– Smart State Premier’s Fellowship
– Smart Futures Premier’s Fellowship
– Smart State Fellowship, or a
– Smart State Futures Fellowship
cannot apply for another at the same level – but can
apply for one at a higher level.
• Applicants with proven track record in research and
business interactions
• Applicants must complete a milestone table outlining
their fellowship activities.
• Placements lead to more R&D uptake by business
• Placements increase collaborative projects between
research institutes & business
• SME or consortium of SME’s to sponsor
• Now 6 months - 24 months (was 3 to12 months)
• Commercialisation experience, proven track record
• Placement will increase commercialisation of
Queensland research
• Applicants must complete a milestone table outlining
their fellowship activities.
• Placement will increase collaboration between
business & research institutes
• Research body sponsor funding $:$
• Now 3 - 18 months (was 3 to 36 months)
Smart Futures Commercialisation Fellowships –
Innovation Investment Exchange (IIE)
 New program - the IIE Fellowships will be offered for
12 to 30 weeks.
– Description – for Queensland based venture capital fund
managers to engage in exchange programs with overseas
venture capital firms.
– Key objective – to strengthen Queensland links with the
international investment community.
Smart Futures PhD Scholarships
New condition
• $8000/yr for three years; optional $2,000 bonus.
(previously scheme was for $7,000/yr with optional $1,500 bonus)
Scholars must hold one of the following approved PhD research scholarships:
Australian Postgraduate Scholarship (APA)
Australian Catholic University Postgraduate Award
Bond University Postgraduate Award
Central Queensland University Postgraduate Research Award
Griffith University Postgraduate Research Scholarship
James Cook University Postgraduate Research Scholarship
QUT Postgraduate Research Scholarship
University of Queensland Research Scholarship
University of Southern Queensland Postgraduate Research Scholarship
University of the Sunshine Coast Research Scholarship
Overview – Projects Fund
– National and International Research Alliances Program (NIRAP)
increase national and international research collaborations
Up to $2 million over 3 years
– Research-Industry Partnerships Program (RIPP)
increase company and research collaborations for technology transfer and
increased commercial application of R&D
Up to $1 million over 3 years
– Partnerships Alliances Facilitation Program (PAFP)
assist with the costs of establishing collaborative projects between Queensland,
national and international entities
Up to $50,000 over one year on submission of grant application
– Proof of Concept Fund (Project-based)
assist researchers or companies to demonstrate the commercial potential of their
Up to $50,000 over 1 year
– Proof of Concept Fund (Program-based) – Qld-based universities
assist universities to fund researchers/companies to demonstrate the
commercial potential of their ideas
Funding allocated on a case-by-case basis
General Info – Smart Futures Fund
• All Project applications are now in Adobe PDF
• University applications must be signed off by the
DVC. Applications not signed off correctly will not be
• Project start dates should allow time for assessment
and approval processes.
National and International Research
Alliances Program (NIRAP)
• Up to $2 million over three years
• An addition to the guidelines advises
that contract research is not eligible as
a collaborative relationship.
Research-Industry Partnerships
Program (RIPP)
• Up to $1 million over three years
• The industry partner(s) must now contribute a 25%
minimum of the required cash match to the project.
(This is an eligibility requirement.)
• An addition to the guidelines advises that contract
research is not eligible as a collaborative
Partnerships-Alliances Facilitation
Program (PAFP)
• Maximum funding award is now $50K
• Max. payable to consultants = $20K
• Funding can be claimed ONLY from the date
of letter of offer – NOT date of application
• The application form, once countersigned by
the Dept, will become the financial assistance
agreement for the project.
Proof of Concept Fund
• Program-based (closed till 2010/11)
– Queensland based universities only.
• Project-based – Up to $50K over one year –
Open all Year
– companies and universities not receiving
Program-based funding
• Consider:
– Innovation, benefits, market opportunities,
competitors, IP position, access to expertise and
Key issues to consider
Merit-based selection
Collaborative partner mix: capability, capacity and partner commitment
Queensland lead applicant
Partners - Research and Industry
Benefits/impacts to Queensland:
– Economic / Environmental / Social
Priorities : aligns with “Toward Q2, Tomorrows Queensland”, 3
priorities, jobs creation
ABN, registered for GST
Cash matching $:$
Definition of Cash
• Matching Cash Contribution comprises:
– Cash
– Salary Costs of Dedicated Researchers
(declarations to be provided)
– Contract research is not eligible as salary costs
Note: Salary costs include salaries of direct
employees + salary on-costs (i.e. superannuation,
leave loading, annual and sick leave).
Definition of In-Kind
• In-Kind contributions are resources other than
the matched cash contribution that will be
applied to the project
• May include equipment and facilities,
databases and additional administrative/
managerial support
• Does not include physical infrastructure such
as buildings and general IT networks
Key Issues to Address
• Research significance/Unique projects
• Demonstrate need
• Project management team, sponsors
• Deliver net economic/social and
environmental benefit
• Leverage other funds
• Committed investment
• Commercialisation strategies
Application Tips- Part 1
• Make sure you are familiar with the
– application process
– application guidelines
• Use plain English and avoid technical jargon
• Ensure that the project title and summary are clear
and easy to understand
• Outline the likely outcomes of the project and the
benefits to the Queensland economy
• Ensure that the budget is complete and accurate
• Provide all requested attachments
Application Tips – Part 2
• Discuss the:
– Innovation
– Value Proposition
– Net Economic /Social and Environmental Benefit –
support your claims
– Project Management team capabilities
– Access to infrastructure and/or capital
– Viability (Strengths & Weaknesses)
Application Tips – Part 3
• Key Financials:
– Where is the money being spent?
• Activities
• How resources are to be used
• Consider:
– recipients will be expected to have appropriate agreements
with their
• collaborative partners, to formalise arrangements for
disbursement of funding (MOU) – template on website
• clarify issues such as intellectual property rights.
• This document is separate to the Financial Assistance
Assessment Process
• Independent expert panels will assess
– Scientific & technological merit
– Economic, social and environmental impact
• Government assessors
– Towards Q2 and Priorities
– Economic & Financial and Social impact
– Due diligence
• Assessment timeframe
- If successful - a formal offer of financial assistance
- Next step: Acceptance – sign formal agreement within three weeks of receipt of
the offer
- Agreement not signed within timeframe - offer will lapse
What success means
–EcoSciences Precinct (artist’s
Growing collaboration in Queensland’s regions
Advancing Queensland’s industries and knowledge base
Increasing Queensland’s industry innovation capability
Addressing Queensland’s Priority Sectors with enabling
Drive Job Creation and increase employment and workforce
participation across Queensland
Current Closing Dates
• Project Funds
– 2:00pm on 5 November 2009
• Skills Funds
– 2:00pm on 5 November 2009
– Excluding Smart Futures PhD
Scholarship, closing 2:00pm on
15 October 2009
Further Information
Research and Development Branch
(07) 3227 7211