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Global History & Geography I
Africa Unit Review
Vocabulary word or
1. Apartheid
The racial separation policy of the white South African
government from 1948-1990 ( Black South Africans were
discriminated against)
2. Civilize
To educate or enlighten
3. Colony
land or country that is controlled by another country
4. Culture
A way of life of a group of people. (religion, customs, traditions)
5. Cultural Diffusion
The exchange of cultural ideas or objects
6. Desertification
7. Genocide
The spreading of the desert (caused by draught/overgrazing)
When a group of people tries to kill or eliminate another group of
8. Imperialism
Policy of a stronger country conquering a weaker country.
9. Mansa Musa
10. Mercantilism
Muslim Leader of Mali
Economic policy in which a country exports (sells)
more than they buy (imports)
11.Middle Passage
12.Natural Resources
(Raw Materials)
13. Nationalism
14. Nelson Mandela
The dangerous journey slaves took from Africa to the Americas
Resources that come from the earth. ( gold, salt, oil, timber)
15. Pan Africanism
Love for your country
The leader of the South African independence
movement and 1st Black President of South Africa
The belief that all people of African descent should
work together for African independence
16. Refugee
Someone who has to leave their home for safety
17. Self Determination
The desire for self-government
18. Social Darwinism
Only the strongest countries survive
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