Expanding Public Education

Expanding Public Education
Mr. White’s US History 1
Big Questions
 As you complete these notes, think about
these questions:
What advantages do higher levels of education
give to people?
How has the expansion of public education made
life better for Americans?
Before Expansion of Public
 Before public education expanded, most
children only went to school for about four
 Since most children’s families farmed, there
was not much need to go much longer
Mandatory Schooling
 Between 1865 and 1895, many states passed
laws requiring school attendance for children
8 to 14
 Emphasized memorization, used corporal
 Children still begin attending school at an
earlier age, and for longer
High School
 Business leaders pointed out that it was
important to train skilled workers for the
future of business
 By 1900, half a million students attended
high school
 Curriculum included science, civics, social
Expansion of Higher Education
 College enrollment quadrupled between 1880
and 1920
 Colleges worked to prepare people for
industry and business
Education Inequalities –
African Americans
 Mostly excluded from American public schools –
elementary and high school
 Many sought higher education, but there weren’t
many people who would help fund these
 Booker T. Washington – started a teacher’s school
to train African Americans as teachers
 W.E.B. DuBois – started Niagara movement, which
insisted that African Americans should get a college
education so that they could be good leaders
Discussion Question
 What are some of the advantages you have in
terms of education that people 100 years ago
didn’t always have? How have these helped
your life?
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