Manifest Destiny and Beyond

Manifest Destiny and Beyond
John Tyler: His Accidency
 Poor relationships with many in the
political world
 Became president after death of
 Greatest rivalry existed with Henry
 Whig party abandons him
 Ran on platform of Texas annexation
Question of Texas
 Jackson and Van Buren side stepped it,
Tyler embraced it; downfall for him
 Highly fertile region; great for cotton
 By 1830 20,000 Americans making way into
 Republic of Mexico
Forced Catholicism
 Language barriers
 Outlawing of slavery
Don’t Mess with Texas
 Restrictions led to desire for independence
 Skirmishes increased
 The Alamo
February 1836, 6000 Mexicans march into San Antonio
Mission serves as protection for unwilling Texans
10 days held off the attacks from the Mexican military
Texans lost 187 men
 Mexicans 1500 men
 Renewed effort towards independence…..Remember the Alamo!!
Annexation of Texas
 Politicians thorn
 Fear of war for many
 Public wanted Texas
 Issue of slavery sensitive; fear of war
between the states
Manifest Destiny
 Coined by journalist John L. O’Sullivan
 Providential, the destined goal:
 One
mighty nation
 A refuge for the oppressed
 A showcase to display the virtues of democracy
 Area of focus Mexico, and the suppression of the
Mexican culture
Polk’s Rise
• Front runners struggled with Texas issue
• Clay and Van Buren “behind the age” on idea of
• Polk: dark horse in the political world
Good democrat in Jackson term
Supported taking Texas and general expansion
Win of 1844 election a bit of luck, Liberty Party helped
Inaugural address demonstrated his plans and desires toward
The west was on his radar screen; barriers could be overcome
just ask the British!
War with Mexico
 Texas admitted into Union 1845, one hitch, Mexico
never recognized independence
 Negotiations lagged, Polk took matters into his own
 Two effective generals available to Polk
 Polk’s Plan:
Clear Mexicans from Texas
Take possession of New Mexico and California
March into Mexico City
 Plan was effective
 Mexico in a state of disarray
 Treaty situation tricky
 Polk saw it as an opportunity for more; those there saw it
 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo; Polk dissatisfied
 In the end:
Americans walked away with a victory
13,000 American lives lost
More land acquired
Slavery issue again!
On to California…….there’s gold in them thar hills!