Chapter 12 Group Presentations

Chapter 12 Group Presentations-
Create a visual presentation or video showing mastery of the following concepts that you will share
with the rest of the class. For presentations, keep words to fewer than 20 per slide; for videos, minimize shots
of a speaker on screen to less than 10 seconds at a time; the rest should be maps, pictures, video clips, etc.
12.2; Independence for Texas
Group 1
1. Explain how the area of Texas
was a culturally diverse area in the
early 1800s.
2. Analyze the plan that Mexico
had to solidify its claims over
Texas. What were the parts? Was
it an effective plan?
3. Explain how Mexico’s plan
played out, including how this set
the stage for war.
Group 2
1. Demonstrate how the Battle of
the Alamo became a rallying cry
for Texans.
2. Compare the motivations for
independence of Texans to those
of Americans in the early 1770s.
How were they similar and
different? How did they justify
leaving Mexico?
3. Explain how Texas won its
independence and became a state,
from their declaration of
independence in 1836 to them
becoming a state in 1845.
12.3; War with Mexico
Group 3
1. Show how the New Mexico
Territory went from a relatively
deserted Spanish claim to part of
the Manifest Destiny of the United
2. Examine the motives of the
Spanish and Americans for settling
3. Provide examples of several
trails that were established to the
west. Include an explanation of
who or what used these trails, and
the impact it had on western
Group 4
1. Analyze president Polk’s actions
in trying to gain lands in and
around Texas. Were they
Constitutional? Why or why not?
Appraise his leadership during this
time period.
2. Explain the details of the war
with Mexico, including the
formation of the Bear Flag
Republic and victory of the United
3. Provide illustrations and
explanations of United States’
expansion in the 1840s and 1850s.
Then evaluate whether Manifest
Destiny was positive or negative
for world history.