Westward expansion

Westward expansion
Jasamine Neal, Caroline Collier, Blake
Warren, Tyawana Webb, Aaron Cress,
Taylor Perkins
What official acts provided for the
settlement of the land between the
Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi
• Congress passed the land ordinance of
1785 and Northwest ordinance of 1787
Why did president Jefferson decide to
purchase Louisiana from the French?
• Jefferson believed in manifest
destiny, that we should move
What factors promoted a surge of
settlers into the Old northwest
following the war of 1812?
• It demanded cheap acreage and
partially achieved it’s goal in the
Land Act of 1820, which authorized
a buyer at a minimum of 1.25 an
acre in cash.
What motive guided the
establishment of the Ohio
Confederacy under the leadership of
Shawnee brothers Tecumseh and the
“The prophet”?
• Stop westward migration of
What were the results of President
Jackson’s assertion that allowed States
authority to extend laws over
American Indian
• Had tribes sign removal act to move to them
Who were the five civilized tribes, and
where were they eventually pushed
• Cherokes
• Creeks
• Choctaws
• Chickasaws
• Sominoles
• Moved to present-day
How did Americans end up in Texas, what was the Texas
Revolution , what memorable statement is associated with the
Texas Revolution and what was the end result
• After Santa Anna suspended local powers in Texas and
other Mexican states , several rebellions broke out
including one that would be known as the Texas
• 200 Texans were killed at The Alamo in 1836.
“Remember the Alamo!” was the rallying cry for
Americans to help Texans gain independence.
• Texas gained its independence in 1836
• The 1844 U.S. presidential campaign focused on
westward expansion. The winner, James K. Polk, a slave
holder, firmly favored the annexation of Texas
Describe the arguments for and against Texas annexation (from
Congress, from the north, from the south) and explain what
ultimately led President Polk to provoke the war with Mexico
• President Polk believed that war with Mexico would
bring not only Texas into the union but also New
Mexico and California
• Polk hope to negotiate secretly the boundary dispute
as well as the sale of California and New Mexico
• He dispatched john Slidell a congressman from
Louisiana to negotiate both matters
• Congress- agreed to annex Texas
• South- wanted Texas
• North- didn’t want it
What were the terms of the Treaty of
Guadalupe Hidalgo?
• Mexico agreed to the Rio Grande as the border between Texas
and Mexico and ceded the New Mexico and California
territories to the United States
• States agreed to pay $15 million for the Mexican cession
which includes present day California, Nevada, New Mexico,
Utah, Arizona and parts of Colorado and Wyoming
• President Franklin Pierce authorized James Gadsden to pay
Mexico another $10 million for another piece of land south of
Gila river to secure a southern railroad route to pacific ocean
What is Manifest Destiny?
• Travelers believed that the movement
Westward was predestined by GOD.
• This phrase expressed the belief that the U.S
was ordained to expand to the Pacific Ocean
and into Native American and Mexican