NJASBO March 27, 2015 Trustees Meeting

NJASBO State Trustee Meeting
March 27, 2015
Meeting Briefs
Presentation: Mr. Keith Gourlay, Executive Director, NJ Buildings and Grounds Association
discussed the requirements for the Certified Education Facility Manager’s Certification,.
2. Artwork for the Conference: To date we have only heard from four districts interested in
bringing student artwork to our conference this June. Please contact Carylee Johnson at
carylee.johnson@obps.org if you want your district to participate in this display.
3. Nominating Committee: The Committee recommended the following slate of officers for
President – Louis J. Pepe, SBA Summit
President-Elect - Teri Weeks, SBA Linwood
1st VP – Susan Young, SBA Morris County Vo-Tech
2nd VP – Matthew Clarke, SBA Springfield
Immediate Past President – Frank Ceurvels, SBA Ramapo-Indian Hills
4. The Trustees acknowledged the new law firm of Sciarrillo, Cornell, Merlino, McKeever &
Osborne which was recently spun off from the Law Firm of Lindabury, McCormick, Estabrook &
Cooper, P.C.
5. Budget 2016 Issues: Discussion was held relative to educational changes required next year as a
result of frozen state aid. Although some districts are experiencing significant program losses,
the majority felt that the failure of the state to fund the formula is “chipping away” at programs
and services. The general feeling was that Chapter 78, for most districts, is providing some
6. Pension Reform: John reviewed the recommendations of the Pension and Health Commission
findings. He also shared with everyone the impact of freezing an individual’s defined benefit
plan now compared to future benefits consistent with the recommendations of the report. At
this time, it does not appear reasonable, both legally or politically, that the report
recommendations can be put in place this year. Having said that, he acknowledged that this
problem is not one that can be kicked down the road and anyone that believes that does not
understand the size and scope of this problem.