Old business Event Recap 9/5 Tailgate 9/19 Tailgate

SBA Minutes 09/21/2015
Meeting commences at 5:30
Old business
o Event Recap
 9/5 Tailgate
 9/19 Tailgate
o Elections
 Welcome New Members
o Student Leaders Round Table
 Poor turn out
o Office Hours
 Make sure you are actually doing them
New Business
o Events: Please generate event reports for future reference.
o New Members
 Getting Keys
 Money Wise:
• Book Pool Books
o Buyer information
o Payment and payment form
• Sam’s runs
• Lookout for self service area on Courtney’s treasurer
o Big/Little Event
 Devonte and Chris Shade’s event
 Volunteer sign up for Big and little match up
o October Meeting
 Location: room 38 voted
 Time: 6:15
o November Meeting
o Cups Issue
 Recyclable? EcoFriendly
 Resuable cups?
• Pros and cons discussed
 Tabled for price check
o Social Media Policy
 Use of law schools policy for social media blended with
large law firms policy to generate a policy that
encourages an open community with professional and
non-anonymous posts.
Monitored by students (honor code)
• Present to SBA
• As a group SBA will make decisions about what
posts to take down
 Being sent out to Board of governors to review and
comment on
o Constitution
 Approving/Rejecting Revisions
 Edits were sent out twice
 Some grammatical edits to the suggestions
 Discussion on policy versus constitutionality
• Are issues such as the roundtable and office
hours policy or constitutional
• Motion to drop these two sections from current
voting session
• 9 in favor, none opposed, one abstention
 LLM issues
• Do we need a representative?
• Tabled until next meeting
 Motioned to be adopted, seconded
 In favor: 10, Opposed: 2 Abstention: 1
 Properly passed
o 3L Rep Open Position
o Buying a new cooler
• Adjourned at 6:33