Brands: Markets, Media and Movements

Brands: Markets, Media and Movements
Sociology in Marketing Communication
Prepared By
Anna Nalbandyan
Anastasia Kolesnikova
• Markets and branding
– Marketization: increasing role of and marketing
– Mediatization: increasing role of media
– Historical overview
– Marketing revolution in 20th century
– Social Marketing
Media and branding
– as icon
– as a new way of organizing production and
managing consumption
– as a new media object
– as a part of the mediatization of the economy
The Product is made in a factory,
the brand is bought by a consumer!
The idea of it to expressing
Mediation includeds both
marketization and mediatisation.
Most common is “doing culture”- the
combination of Marketization and
Mediatisation on the example of Nike!
Historical overview of brand development
From 1880 logos started to be used.
In 1886 Medical drink COCA-COLA
started to sell as a national drink.
Started from 1960 there was a global marketing revolutionchange from selling into satisfaction
of customers’ needs.
“Account planning” in advertisement process
looked at the advertisement from the point of
view of the customer.
Corporate branding and social marketing
Not only marketing department but all the company is
responsible for branding!
The only unique thing of each
brand is its stuff!!!
Today social marketing is in relation with business and
brands and brands must have some responsibility
for society.
Non-commercial organizations also work on
their branding and get their benefits from it.
Media and branding
• iconic brand - Coca Cola, Budweiser, Nike, Jack
Daniel’s - ‘cultural brands’
• branding as new market device; brand is a new
media object
• ‘informational capitalism’ - blurring of the
distinction between ‘production’ and
Media and branding
• consumers are active and reflexive
• consumers are believed to be more concerned
with finding meanings of their lives
• Nike fun-runs, Niketowns, PlayStation club
nights with ‘theming’ arranging events, art
events, trend scouting
Thank you for attention!