Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation / MktSegmentation

Lesson Objectives
By the end of today’s lesson you:
– MUST be able to explain what is branding
and relationship marketing
– SHOULD be able to explain how branding
and relationship marketing increase product
You have 5 minutes
Name all the brands on the sheet.
What is branding?
• A brand is a name to identify a company or
it's products
• It separates them from the competition.
• ‘Branding' of a company/product can be a
logo, symbol, or even design features
Brand Building
Brand positioning
• Positioning is how a product appears in
relation to other products in the market
Brand extension
• This is the use of a successful brand name
to launch a new or modified product into
the same market.
Why use branding?
• Recognition
• Helps businesses differentiate their
products from competitors
• Encourages repeat purchase
• Builds trust (Loyalty)
How have they built their brand image?
What type of products do they offer?
Price? Promotion?
What is their image in relation to their
• Excellent quality products – fresh, made on the day food
• High quality ingredients – free from additives and
artificial flavouring
• Staff are highly trained – making the ingredients
themselves on the day, providing excellent customer
• Easily recognised – customers always know where they
will be located, shopping centres
• Have been operating for a long time, across the city.
• Created the image of experience and reliability – more
trustworthy then other brands. Customers have bought
their products and feel it is of high value for money
What is it?
• It involves using methods and tactics to develop
long term relationship with customers in order to
retain them.
• How?
attract customers - promoting the product and
brand, quality of products/services,
competitive prices.
Retaining customers - loyalty cards, good
customer service, product variety and quality.
Prêt A Manger’s use of
relationship marketing
• Develops a sense of relationships by
creating handmade natural food
• Prêt Card
• Delivery Service