Market Segmentation Project

Market Segmentation Project
Marketing 11
The following assignment can be done individually or in pairs.
The purpose of this assignment is:
 to demonstrate how groups of people can be segmented and targeted for
commercial purposes.
 to develop a marketing campaign directed at a specific target audience
 to alter the commercial message to meet the needs of the target group
 to create an advertisement for the campaign
Assume that you are a market analyst. Choose one of the following products -a
breakfast cereal, a soft drink, a car, a watch or a product of your own choice. You have
been given the task of marketing this product to high school students.
You need to find an appropriate market. Your first job is to determine the
demographics (age, income, marital status, gender, etc.) of your school. This
information is provided on the board at the front of the class.
Now prepare a psychographic analysis of your school. Consider the various people in
your school and break them into segments based upon their attitudes, beliefs, wants,
and needs. You have to think very carefully about all the different groups of people who
make up your student-body. Decide as a group on how many fragments or
segmentations of students exist in your school.
Now describe each cluster by identifying the attitudes, beliefs, wants, and needs of each
segment group. You cannot invent this information. Every attempt should be made to
accurately reflect each segment.
How could you go about gathering the information for your psychographic analysis?
You could:
 interview students in your school
 develop questions and surveys - you can create online surveys and distribute
them via social media.
Discuss the methods you used to complete the psychographic analysis.
Now that you have determined the demographics and psychographics of your school, it
is time to target market. In reality, you might choose only one group to whom you wish
to market, or you might feel that your product could be marketed to several different
groups with a different focus that would be representative of each group.
For this assignment, choose two specific clusters from your psychographic analysis to
whom you would like to market the product.
Market researchers would then develop a marketing program to address the wants and
needs of the specific target audience. The Who (a detailed profile of your potential
customers), What (the messages to be conveyed to your target audience), and How
(how the messages will reach your audience) of sales would be addressed in the
marketing program.
Outline your program campaign by identifying the:
 WHO: a detailed profile of your potential customers
The who for your campaign are the target segments you chose from step one.
 WHAT: the messages to be conveyed to your target audience
The what is the message(s) that you want to convey about your product for each
target group. Your message must appeal to your target segment. What product
message will you use for each group? The message should differ between the
groups. In other words, how could you market a soft drink that would appeal
especially to the target segment skaters, for example. How could you then
develop another campaign aimed at entirely different target segment, such as
preppies? This is the purpose for market segmentation. You want to focus on
the individuality of each group. Part of your evaluation will consider how you
managed to appeal to two different segment groups.
Summarize the message to be conveyed to each group.
 HOW: how the messages will reach your target audience
The how is the advertising campaign that you will use. This includes the type of
advertising medium you will use. Will you put your message into a print ad, a
commercial, a poster, a radio spot, etc? For the purposes of this assignment you
will create (1) Magazine/newspaper ad for your product targets each of the two
groups you have selected (2 Ads Total)
Assignment due date: _________________