Market Segmentation Quiz

Market Segmentation Quiz
Write your own definition of what you think the term "Market
Segmentation" means.
Three examples of products that would be found in a Mass Market
are: 1)
Complete this sentence about Concentrated Markets. (White)
Golf lessons are a product that is a single segment from the wider
market for sports coaching.
List the range of products that a company offers that could be
used to describe a differentiated market. (White)
Sports shoes models
A niche product is ……………………………….
Describe a retail and a wholesale market that you know.
Say what you understand by the term demographics. (Give a
dictionary definition if you want.) Say how a knowledge of
demographics could be an advantage to a marketer.
Give an example of one psychographic feature that a marketer
might want to target and name a product that might suit that
particular feature. (White )
Different products are positioned to appeal to a particular
customer because of their image or identity.
Choose a product that has a particular image and say how each of
the following positions this product.
Price (White)
Rare product expensivel priced
Limited volume produced by experts
Used for special celebrations/occasions
Rarity Champagne Adventure tourism
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