Final Exam Review Guide

Driver’s Education Final Exam Study Guide
What should you do when the light turns yellow? _____________________________________
2. What are the four steps in IPDE? ___________________________________________________
3. What is the high transportation system (HTS)? ________________________________________
4. What are operating costs of owning a vehicle? ________________________________________
5. How many stages are in a graduated driver licensing program? __________________________
6. What is the Zone Control System? __________________________________________________
7. What is the point of no return? ____________________________________________________
8. How do you lower your BAC (blood alcohol content) ___________________________________
9. What shape are signs for interstate highways? ________________________________________
10. When can you pass if there is a solid line and a broken line painted on the center of a two-lane
highway? _____________________________________________________________________
11. When can you turn right on red? __________________________________________________
12. What do you do at a flashing red light? _____________________________________________
13. What is black ice? ______________________________________________________________
14. What do broken white lines in the middle of the road mean? ___________________________
15. What is the last thing you check when turning? ______________________________________
16. Which lights do you use if driving in heavy rain? ______________________________________
17. What does it mean when there is a solid white line between two lanes of traffic? ___________
18. What information do you find on guide signs? _______________________________________
19. What is reaction time? __________________________________________________________
20. Which lights do you use when driving in fog? ________________________________________
21. Do you need to gently accelerate half way through a turn? _____________________________
22. Give some examples of an active restraint? _________________________________________
23. How do you improve traction on snow? ____________________________________________
24. Which direction do you turn your vehicle’s front wheels when parking uphill with no curb?
25. What can happen if you over steer during a lane change? ______________________________
26. Where is the greatest chance of a collision? _________________________________________
27. Why is city driving more difficult than driving in the suburbs? ___________________________
28. What is the safest turnabout maneuver? ___________________________________________
29. What are the steps for backing to the right? _________________________________________
30. What is the center of gravity in a vehicle? __________________________________________
31. What is your field of vision? ______________________________________________________
32. What is a controlled intersection? _________________________________________________
33. What are you doing if you are covering the brake? ____________________________________
34. When do you start turning the steering wheel when making a right turn? __________________
35. What happens when you hydroplane? ______________________________________________
36. Which type of roadway has the most hazards per mile? _______________________________
37. What is an anti-lock braking system (ABS)? _________________________________________
38. Do you need to reduce speed when driving in snow? _________________________________
39. Is it safe to back into a driveway or alley on the right? ________________________________
40. What is a standard reference point? ______________________________________________
41. What is velocitation? __________________________________________________________
42. What does yielding the right of way mean? ________________________________________
43. How long does it take to turn right and accelerate to 30 mph? _________________________
44. What is the hand signal to indicate slowing or stopping? ______________________________
45. When do you return to the right lane after passing a truck? ____________________________
46. What are the three factors that determine force of impact? ____________________________
47. What is the hand signal for a right turn? ____________________________________________
48. What is the acceleration lane? ____________________________________________________
49. Is it safe to change lanes in an intersection? __________________________________________
50. How many zones of space are part of the Zone Control System? __________________________
51. What do you do to minimize risk of glare when meeting an oncoming vehicle when driving at
night? ________________________________________________________________________
52. What does scanning mean? _______________________________________________________
53. Describe a warning sign for a curve. ______________________________________________
54. What does it mean when you compromise space? __________________________________
55. Why are expressways safer than other types of roads? _______________________________
56. Are all rural roads paved? _______________________________________________________
57. What is highway hypnosis? ______________________________________________________
58. When should you slow to the advisory speed posted for a curve? _______________________
59. Describe the sign for an uncontrolled railroad crossing. ________________________________
60. What does a vehicle’s odometer show? ____________________________________________
61. What is the Zero Tolerance Law? _________________________________________________
62. What is peer pressure? _________________________________________________________
63. How can a color blind driver compensate? ___________________________________________
64. What is visual acuity? ____________________________________________________________
65. What are inhibitions? ___________________________________________________________
66. What type of drug is alcohol? ______________________________________________________
67. What do police measure to determine level of intoxication? _____________________________
68. What is the implied consent law? ___________________________________________________
69. What emotion occurs most often to drivers? __________________________________________
70. How fast does alcohol begin to affect a person’s abilities? _______________________________
71. What is central vision? ________________________________________________________
72. What is Nystagmus? __________________________________________________________
73. Is an airbag a passive restraint system? ___________________________________________
74. What is total stopping distance? ________________________________________________
75. What is gravity? ____________________________________________________________
76. What do you do when you move into the deceleration lane? _______________________
77. Does a vehicle driving uphill work against gravity? _______________________________
78. Know what the different shapes mean for roadway signs