Test 3 Review

Test 3 Review
Speed Limit
1. Definition of speed limit
2. Basic speed law
Right of Way
3. Definition of yield
4. What does the law say about right of way?
5. What is the purpose of right of way rules?
6. Action to take when being followed by an emergency vehicle
7. Cause of most vehicle/rail crashes
8. Action to take at rail crossing
9. Two cars arrive at intersection at same time, both signaling left, who has to yield?
10. Right of way at T-Intersections
11. Advantage of a roundabout/circular intersection
12. What action should you take when approaching a roundabout?
13. Action to take when you see a police vehicle on the side of the road and there is
another vehicle there as well
14. How far should you stay back from an emergency vehicle answering a call
15. What is the distance you can drive in the shared left turn lane before having to enter
the main road or turn?
16. What vehicles have to stop at a railroad crossing?
17. If you are at an intersection and a police officer is directing traffic, should you obey
him/her or the signals?
18. What is a controlled intersection?
19. A school bus unloads children at an intersection. Who has to stop?
20. When do you not have to stop for a school bus loading/unloading children?
Passing (Don’t Answer)
21. When passing someone you should not return to your lane until you can see the
headlights of the car being passed in your rearview mirror.
22. If being passed you should move to the right of your lane to help the other driver
pass safely
23. You should avoid passing others in bad weather/road conditions (snow, ice, rain,
Work Zones
24. How much is the fine for speeding in a work zone?