On May 17, 2013, Accenture bought Acquity Group

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OBJECTIVE ......................................................................................................................... 2
PROFESSIONAL HIGHLIGHTS .......................................................................................... 2
CORE COMPENTENCIES .................................................................................................. 2
TOOLS & SOFTWARE ........................................................................................................ 2
WORK EXPERIENCE.......................................................................................................... 3
Acquity Group, LLC (now part of Accenture Interactive). ................................................. 3
Mindware Inc……………………………………………………............................................. 5
BDrive Inc. ........................................................................................................................ 5
Analysis and Design Application Company (adapco) / cd-adapco Group……………… .. 7
Universal Analytics, Inc. (UAI) / MSC Software ................................................................ 7
PUBLICATIONS................................................................................................................... 7
SOFTWARE PRODUCTIONS ............................................................................................. 8
EDUCATION ........................................................................................................................ 8
More information at http://nitinuchil.wordpress.com/biodata
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551 W North Avenue, Apt. No. 208
Chicago, IL 60610, USA
Phone: +1-734-945-6463
Email: nitin.uchil@gmail.com
Senior Level Executive, Enterprise Visionary, Product Development & Engineering Head, or Domain
Leadership Level position in a dynamic & collaborative environment to strategize, plan, architect, develop and
manage next generation integrated engineering, technology and business systems.
 25+ years of total job experience, 10+ years as a Founder, CEO and CTO of two IT start-ups.
 15+ years Industry expertise in Information Technology (Enterprise Architecture, e-Commerce, Web Content
Management, Digital Asset Management, Search, Mobile, Social Media and Analytics), Database Design,
Research & Product Development, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Automotive & Aerospace
Engineering, Manufacturing, Finance, Retail and Health Care.
 Architected and managed the development of Knowledge Management Frameworks and Enterprise Portals
encompassing the full life-cycle of strategy, concept, pilot, development, production and maintenance (@
Ford & GM).
 Formulated transfer of technologies, personnel skills matrix and knowledge bases after mergers and
acquisitions to maximize shareholder value (after Ford’s buy-out of Jaguar, Land Rover and Volvo).
 Coordinated with planners, stakeholders, architects, developers and end users to create web-based IT
infrastructures utilizing J2EE, XML, RDBMS and SOA technologies in a global and diverse setting.
 Managed Complexity by integrating with backend disparate systems like PDM, PIM, ERP, Finance, HR, CRM,
CAE & Test and Legacy, e-Commerce, Content Management Systems and e-Learning.
 10+ years in Advanced Engineering and Analytics: CAD, Modeling, Graphics, CAE Simulation and PostProcessing utilizing Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Parallel Processing
and utilizing High-end Processors & Supercomputers.
Championed, led and delivered customer-focused, highly-customizable, interactive and web-based infrastructures
utilizing the latest state-of-the-art solutions in Engineering, Information Technology and User Experience:
Strategy & Planning
ID & Assessment
Requirements Management & Traceability
PLM Portal Creation & Customization
New Product Development & Design
Computer Aided Engineering
Engineering Analysis & Testing
Competitive Benchmarking
Warranty Analysis
Process, Performance & Quality
Quality Assurance
Enterprise Architecture
CMMi, UML, MDA, XP & Agile Methods
Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
SOA and MVC Frameworks
Data Modeling, EAI and Object Mapping
Web-based User Interface Design
Software Version Control and Deployment
Lessons Learned & Best Practices
Web Content Management (WCM)
Ecommerce (PCM & Transaction Management)
Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing
Analytics and Reporting
Web Content Management (WCM)
Digital Asset Management (DAM)
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
Adobe CQ, Autonomy (Interwoven), Vignette, Magnolia
MediaBin, Celum, Adobe CQ DAM, Scene7 (Interface)
hybris, ATG
SAP (integration)
Omniture, Google Analytics, Coremetrics
Google Search Appliance (GSA), Endeca, Autonomy
Oracle, mySQL, Hypersonic (HSQLDB), MS SQL Server
Metaphase, Windchill, Dassault Systemes PLM (MatrixOne)
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551 W North Avenue, Apt. No. 208
Chicago, IL 60610, USA
Phone: +1-734-945-6463
Email: nitin.uchil@gmail.com
Acquity Group, LLC. – Sr. Director, Enterprise Architecture – Chicago, IL
Sept. 2006 – Current
Involved in consulting at various client sites doing strategy, planning, requirements analysis, architecture, build and test
in Content Management, Digital Asset Management, Direct Marketing, CRM and SOA. These were for the automotive,
retail, energy, health care, life sciences, entertainment, media & interactive marketing, hospitality and investment, credit
& banking, and retail sectors.
 DuPont, Inc www.dupont.com – Digital Strategy initially focusing on Marketing Automation of the Lead Generation to
Close process. Enterprise Architecture Roadmap to assess current state and initiatives to coordinate the flow of data and
content to the appropriate channels and create an Analytics dashboard and BI toolkit to analyze information flow. Systems
reviewed were existing Interwoven platform, future state Adobe CQ experience management & hybris Ecommerce for B2B
& partner relations, Marketing Automation tools (Eloqua and Marketo) and the integration and interaction of these systems
with Exact Target, SFDC and SAP.
 Bose Corporation www.bose.com – Global Digital Platform Selection and Architecture. In the process of solutioning the
next Bose Digital presence to include B2C, B2B and B2B2C on-line properties to service Partners, Dealers and end
consumers with product information, service details and a move to the next generation on-line depiction model with social
integration and two-way device communications. Integration with their SAP backend, defining the catalog management
system and the integration of WCM and eCommerce with third party services with a global deployment model were
hallmarks of this project.
 Thermo-Fisher Scientific, Inc www.thermofisher.,com – Complete re-architecture of Ecommerce and Marketing
platforms using SAP, hybris, Adobe CQ and Endeca to represent core and third party products with aggregation from
various Business Units, quote configurations, punch out globalization considerations. Was responsible for the end-to-end
Enterprise Architecture, Infrastructure definitions, Integration sequencing, Deployment Management and the Systems
Management definition. Defined the Logical, System Context, Detailed design, Blueprints and the Environment definitions,
and participated in the Application design of the hybris (PCM & Ecommerce), CQ (WCM & DAM), Endeca components,
their integration and the integration to backend and frontend systems.
 Newell Rubbermaid www.newellrubbermaid.com – Digital Action Strategy and Roadmap to integrate all their 33 brands
organized by 11 Global Business Units to correspond to a unified Enterprise Architecture comprising of a single instance of
SAP to manage New Product Information and its cascade to Product Content Management, e-Commerce systems, and the
Marketplace based on Direct and Indirect, B2B and B2C customers. Also suggest way forward platforms for mobile, tablet
and social interactions. In the implementation phase, was responsible for creating the Master Catalog, Brand Catalogs,
Customer Catalogs and the Syndication Model, and the integration with backend systems (SAP & BUs) for product
definition and order fulfillment.
 Underwriters Laboratories (UL) www.ul.com – redefinition of their content management infrastructure and creation of a
global web platform for information dissemination. Roadmap analysis and vendor selection for content management,
information access and web analytics streams. Complete define, design, build, test, implement and global rollout of the
web site with multi-language and locale considerations. This site was the Stevie Award winner for overall site design and
user experience. Used Autonomy Interwoven tools to construct the site. Configured Google Search Appliance (GSA) with
multiple collections (locale, language and region based) to index the site. Was also responsible for analysis and roadmap
to migrate their extranet (MyHome @UL) from Oracle Portal to a more robust, scalable and secure structure.
 Guitar Center www.musiciansfriend.com, www.guitarcenter.com, www.harnomycenteral.com,... – Theme out the
Future state for the interacting systems – PIM, ERP, DW, Procurement, Inventory, Store Front, e-Commerce, Marketplace,
Social, Analytics etc. to come up with a unified service oriented enterprise bus that coordinates the services. Designed and
Piloted the theme for Enterprise Architecture for representation of Current State, Capabilities Matrix Heat Map and Future
Reference Architecture.
 American Express (AMEX) www.americanexpress.com – responsible for defining the new Catalog Structure for the
Membership Rewards and other Loyalty Programs sites so that Basis catalogs are created by the Partner, Master Catalog
aggregates all the Products and synchronizes it with the On-line Catalogs based on Loyalty Programs and interfaces with
backend processing via Web Service calls. Used hybris PCM & e-Commerce engine with Endeca search.
 General Motors (GM) - Online Media Site media.gm.com - Plan and define the next generation global web-site for
GM that would enable media (journalists and other news professionals) to access vehicle information in terms of news,
digital assets and high-resolution photo and video files. Articulate Content Management strategy utilizing mind-mapping
techniques and a dynamic requirements management tool to create use-case scenarios and catalog system requirements
for on-line and archival needs. The Online Media Site was the portal to journalists all over the world to review upcoming
news from GM. It was the primary mode of communication during GMs recent re-IPO and now serves as the voice of GM
in more than 20 countries and languages. Built in Adobe Day CQ, it is hosted in Acquity Group’s managed services
 Mine Safety Appliances (MSA) www.msasafety.com – Roadmap for redefinition of content and commerce capabilities,
and globalization of www.msanet.com. Architected their next generation B2B and B2C site using hybris/Endeca in terms of
importing Product data from SAP, integrating enriched attributes from Marketing systems, defining the Catalog system and
the synchronization of products to the different affiliates. MSA rolled out the new site in 3 rd quarter of 2011 and their B2B
interactions have increased multifold resulting in more revenue generation and a quick ROI.
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551 W North Avenue, Apt. No. 208
Chicago, IL 60610, USA
Phone: +1-734-945-6463
Email: nitin.uchil@gmail.com
 Marriott Vacation Club www.marriottvacationclub.com – Redefinition of owners’ site to make it more robust and
scalable utilizing the latest technologies and Service Oriented Architecture to connect to the mother ship that manages
Reservations and the Marriott Rewards program (in the works). This is being architected using hybris Commerce & Endeca
Search, and will be a first to manage reservations using a Product Content Management coupled with an e-Commerce
 Finish Line www.finishline.com – Understand content management requirements and come up with an action plan for
platform selection that coordinates with the Customer Service model. Finish Line is a boutique store that sells brand name
shoes and sports apparel in malls across the United States.
 Waters, Inc. www.waters.com – Integrate marketing related tags and analysis in conjunction with analytics tools to the
newly developed, HTML5 based micro-site for one of their platforms as a basis to cascade to all their other platforms.
Architected the data flow from on-line sources (web site, paid advertizing, search and targeted marketing) to the micro-site,
and created the appropriate tags on click thru to push to Omniture SiteCatalyst and the Neolane Lead Generation tool.
 American Medical Association (AMA) www.ama-assn.org – creation of an ATG e-Commerce app that interacts with
the Covisint Health Exchange Portal and backend systems (PayFuse and Taxware) to manage the buy/sell of Health Care
related products and AMA memberships. Configured products in the ATG BCC tool with rules to manage tiering and
bundling, based on Member privileges.
 The Northern Trust (TNT) www.northerntrust.com – data schema & feeds definition and provision of persona based
navigation to a new funds (NETS ETF) information site with real time streaming information from index providers and
adherence to compliance and security. Also provide analytical tools to enable individual investors or registered
professionals to review historical data and perform portfolio analysis. The NETS ETF was a unique aggregation based on
Country INDEXes and TNT was expecting a volume of $500 million to complete with other ETFs like SPYDER (SPDR),
iShares and VIPER. Unfortunately due to the downturn in the market, they could manage a volume of $33 million, and had
to turn off the system in 5 months of being active.
 Allstate - Teen Driver Site www.allstateteendriver.com – A unique definition of a website that catered to a teen
audience to enable them create a promise (video/audio/text) and enable its streaming along with games and safety tips to
enable them to become better drivers. Integration with backend systems to manage streaming video and a fulfillment
center. Content Delivery entailed the coordination of video conversion technology from multiple vendors and rendering
using the Limelight engine, and connecting to a backend system for fulfillment. The web site was the winner of several
awards for innovative content and for tailoring to the needs and personas of teens. Was also responsible for the complete
architecture and design of a Mobile Site to enable the Quoting process.
 Sigma-Aldrich - Re-articulation of internet strategy for the Life Sciences Corporation: www.sigma-aldrich.com and
www.safcglobal.com to align business units in functional groupings with internationalization and localization utilizing Day
Communiqué. Complete redefinition of management of documents and media assets – product brochures, flash files,
streaming video and images utilizing XML templates of information residing in Corporate Product Database.
 General Motors SPO (Service and Parts Operations) - Roadmap study of all current Web and CRM systems for the
GM SPO divisions: AC Delco, Goodwrench and GM Parts to strategize future and suggest phased migration plan using
Service Oriented Architecture to disparately connect the organization to dealers, warehouses, independent service
providers and end customers to optimize the marketing, distribution and selling of vehicle parts, accessories and technical
 Creative Automation Company - Strategy & Requirements Analysis for the VISION project. Evaluate the needs to
develop an Integrated Marketing Management system for their client, Educational Communications, Incorporated (ECI).
The Integrated Marketing Management System project included the definition, construction, testing, and deployment of an
integrated solution to automate and streamline data collection, data cleansing, data validation, data storage, and delivery
channel integration to manage prospect data, lead acquisition data, marketing communications, ‘enhanced member’ data,
response processing and campaign analytics, and inventory control management associated with multiple achievement
 E! Entertainment (E! Online Web) www.eonline.com – Front End Interface Development: Enable the design,
development and testing of the dynamic web site using AJAX interfaces, JSP pages and Java helper classes to connect to
a backend JCR (JSR-170) compliant Content Management repository created using Adobe Day Communiqué (CQ).
Was also part of teams that conducted workshops and platform selection sessions at UL, Kellogg’s, Procter & Gamble,
Newell Rubbermaid and Brady Corporation where we interviewed the stakeholders and WCM, e-Commerce, Search and
Analytics vendors and set a methodology for selection criteria.
Acquity Group (www.acquitygroup.com) is a leading provider of business and technology solutions designed to optimize
business performance via operational, collaborative and transactional services. Its theme is Digital Strategy and Design and
the value proposition for clients and customers is to provide end-to-end support for strategy, planning, discover, design, define,
build, deploy and maintain of web and other infrastructures with a strong adherence to policies and procedures. With the
advent of on-line marketing, Acquity Group has been one of the leaders in Planning & Strategy, Experience Management and
Brand e-Commerce, giving its clients full beginning-to-end services for all stages of communication using multi-channel
protocols, reuse of information, a strong governance model and managed services. It was founded in 2001, had revenues of
$40 million in 2006, $110 million in 2011 and IPO-ed in the NYSE in April, 2012 (ticker symbol: AG). The revenues in 2012
exceeded $125 million.
On May 17, 2013, Accenture bought Acquity Group for $316 million and made it part of Accenture Interactive.
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551 W North Avenue, Apt. No. 208
Chicago, IL 60610, USA
Phone: +1-734-945-6463
Email: nitin.uchil@gmail.com
Mindware Inc. – Founder & CEO – Detroit, MI
BDrive Inc. – Founder & CTO – Santa Clara, CA
Sept. 1996 – Current
Jan. 2000 – Sept. 2005
Involved in consulting at Ford Motor Company and General Motors Corporation, building Knowledge Management
Frameworks using the Systems Engineering approach to depict:
 Competitive Intelligence, Requirements Analysis, Brand Profiling, Target Setting & Futuring
 Systems Engineering, Process Management, Optimization and Design for Six Sigma
 Procedures, Methods, Standards, Content management and Web-based training (e-Learning),
 Simulation, Test Data Management, Analytics and Design Verification
 Manufacturing Assessment and Warranty Analysis,
 Budget & Financial Consolidation and Sales Forecasting
 Content Management and building Enterprise Portals
The intent has been to optimize the Product Design and Development process by enabling upstream PLM
(Product Lifecycle Management) utilizing a Model Driven paradigm called Organic Architecture. A partial list of
Web-enabled, data-driven and security-governed portals implemented are elucidated below:
Client & Project
Visual Mining, Inc.
Inclusion of Analytics 
Process Modules in
NetCharts Designer. 
Visual Mining is one of
the largest companies 
that develops webbased charting
Mindware, Inc /
BDrive, Inc. Internal
Environment for
Application Lifecycle
(at version 6.0)
General Motors
Graphing, Analytics and
Test Data Management
Ford Motor
Competitive Intelligence
and Vehicle
Ford Motor
Global Financial
Duration & Achievements
Created Analytics routines for:
Financial (Bollinger Bands and Hi-Lo
Engineering (Fourier Series Analysis
and Signal Processing), and
Statistics (Statistical Process Control
and Regression)
and incorporated as an Eclipse based
plug-in into NetCharts Designer
Complete management of all projects
that included: plan, define, construct,
test, deploy and maintain phases of the
application lifecycle. Based on Agile
Methodologies and CMM(i) principles of
Software engineering, this is a
collaborative web based portal that had
perspectives for code development,
reuse library, issues management and
Bug tracking, emails and notification
services, lessons learned and best
practices, glossary and project index.
Utilize SOA and Web services to create
Plotting and Business Intelligence tools
to effectively review Test Data collected
by GMs worldwide testing facilities. It
automatically connects to backend
engines like NetCharts, SAS etc. Single,
secure web service for the global GM
team to manage all plotting and analytics
Cataloging and Management of
Teardown studies for different
engineering attributes: Power-train,
Aerodynamics, Noise & Vibration,
Safety, Durability, Vehicle Dynamics via
Web Based Portals complete with user
profile, preferences and cart.
Supplementing Ford’s FAST (Finance At
the Speed of Thought) Application, these
two projects:
managed region based profit/loss
Sept 2004 – Sept 2006
Created ability to manipulate aggregated
data by applying BI techniques to
analyze information. Coordinated the
build with a team of developers based
out of Santa Clara with the client in
Rockville, Maryland.
Sept 1996 – Sept 2006
Follows the philosophy of Organic
Architecture by using themes of
Function, Flow, Focus, Form and
Futuring as the prime Forces of
managing complex developments.
Achieved more than 50% savings as
compared to traditional and current
practices. Managed the creation and
complete development of over 40
applications using this Tool.
January 2003 – October 2005
Coordinated activities between the
stakeholders and clients that were
geographically dispersed (USA, Canada,
Mexico, South America, Europe,
Australia & Korea) with development
team based in Santa Clara, CA. Final
deployment was to more than 2000 GM
April 1997 – March 2005
Major Cost savings and Global
coordination accomplished by publishing
data from primary and secondary
sources on a single web site. Final
deployment was to around 4000 product
development engineers.
November 1998 – April 2002
Single Master source to Manage all
financial information so that
consolidations and analytics could be
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551 W North Avenue, Apt. No. 208
Chicago, IL 60610, USA
Phone: +1-734-945-6463
Email: nitin.uchil@gmail.com
Client & Project
Consolidation and
Sales Forecast
Ford Motor
Verification Information
Management Portal
Ford Motor
Computer Based
Education Portal
Ford Motor
Attribute Expert System
Duration & Achievements
analysis with currency fluctuations and
aggregated commodity/product line aftersales in terms of revenues and budget
streamlined. Saved Controllers time from
> 30 days to < 2 hrs.
Process Management of Requirements
and Sign-off information for multiple
vehicle programs and attributes.
McKinsey and Company had done a
pre-study pilot (project Eureka) for this
implementation that predicted a savings
of $100 million/month or $1 Billion per
new vehicle program by instituting
Knowledge Management Frameworks
and Reuse of Historical data. This Portal
managed the Design Process that
included Benchmarking, Requirement
Analysis, CAD, CAE, Prototype Build,
Test and Manufacturing Assessment for
all the 15 Engineering Attributes.
Architect, Manage and Maintain Ford’s
e-Learning Management System that
was comprised of coordination of
different courseware, vendors and
presentation mechanisms. Do
troubleshooting, reporting and metrics to
determine the robustness and reliability
of the system. Reported to the Dean of
the Ford Design Institute.
Created Web-based Prediction
Calculators based on Historical data to
conduct “what-if” studies based on
regression analysis (RSM) and neural
networks to ascertain the effect of
changes in vehicle parameters on
attributes. Facilitated Knowledge
Transfer between Ford and Volvo/Mazda
June 1999 – May 2001
First Engineering Portal developed at
Ford Motor Company. Necessitated a
thorough review of all Portal vendors
and presentation of needs at the KM
World conference in Dallas in 2000.
Utilized off-shore capabilities – another
first at Ford Motor Company.
Coordinated activities between 20
stakeholders, 400 end-users and a team
of 25 in-house and off-shore developers.
March 1998 – February 2002
Coordinated J2EE, ActiveX (.NET),
HTML and CD-Rom based interactive
content for presentation and assessment
with diverse tools and vendors. Final
deployment was to more than 8000 endusers in Product Development
April 1997 – January 2001
Costly simulations, prototype builds and
wind tunnel testing were obviated by
quickly doing these go/no go” analysis.
Final deployment was for a “niche” group
of 25 research & development
engineers. Simulations typically cost in
the hundreds of thousand dollars, while
prototype builds are upwards of 2 million
dollars in cost.
These have been deployed on various Unix platforms, Linux servers and Windows servers via application servers
such as: WebLogic, Web Sphere, Tomcat, Sun (iPlanet) and Enhydra using MVC architecture, POJOs (Plain Old
Java Objects) and EJBs (Enterprise Java Beans).
The basis behind forming Mindware, Inc. based out of Michigan, was to create Knowledge Based Systems on
the web to enable Enterprises to operate efficiently via Portals, Expert Systems, eLearning and coordinated
Process management in the Research, Advanced Engineering and Product Development facilities of the
Automotive sector.
BDrive, based out of the Bay Area in California, was the genesis of Mindware, Inc. to move from a consulting
model to a product centric model. Most of the technologies followed by the two companies utilized concepts in
Systems Engineering, Model Driven Architecture (MDA), Agile Programming, Collaboration, Code Reuse and a
strong decoupling of presentation from the backend source systems. The premise of BDrive was to provide the
Power for Intelligent Collaborative Infrastructures that coordinated New Product Development (NPD) with PLM,
ERP, CRM and other enterprise Legacy systems to enable fast, scalable and secure information transfer between
people and processes.
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551 W North Avenue, Apt. No. 208
Chicago, IL 60610, USA
Phone: +1-734-945-6463
Email: nitin.uchil@gmail.com
Analysis and Design Application Company (adapco)
Sept. 1989 - Sept. 1996
Senior Engineer, Long Island, New York.
adapco consults in the field of Aerospace and Automotive analysis and design incorporating innovative software
techniques in the fields of finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics. Responsibilities included:
 Incorporated meshing and graphics rendering routines into the solids modeling and mesh generation package
PROSTAR, the pre-and-post processor for STAR-CD, a computational fluid dynamics software. Was the
prime programmer responsible for development in this software from 1992 thru 1996 complete from
methodology, to program development, testing and eventually bug-fixing. Conceptualized the rendering of
dynamic rotations using Quaternion math to increase speed and achieve real time results for zooming,
panning and rotating objects.
 Responsible for coding CRANK (for crankshafts) and AERO (for turbine blades) that automatically develops
meshed templates, which can then be submitted for structural stress or transient analysis using finite element
software packages, ANSYS and NASTRAN.
 Was responsible for the entire rendering, creation of analysis files and providing schemes for post-processing
for the in-house developed methodology SAMM for semi-automatic mesh generation using the marching
cubes algorithm.
 Finite Element Analysis & Computation Fluid Dynamics of automotive and aerospace components
including thermal analysis of combustion engines, simulation of wind tunnel testing, modal analysis of
crankshafts, climate control and comfort index predictions, analysis of spray & vaporization in the combustion
chamber , stress analysis of turbine blades and aerofoil structures for Audi, Mercedes, VW, Jaguar, GM,
Ford, GE, Pratt & Whitney, Garrett and Textron Lycoming using ANSYS and STAR-CD
adapco is now part of the CD-ADAPCO (www.cd-adapco.com) group of companies, the world's largest
independent CFD-focused provider of engineering simulation software, support and services.
March 1988 – August 1989
Universal Analytics, Inc. (UAI)
Member, Technical Staff, Los Angeles, California.
Incorporated new capabilities and features in UAI/NASTRAN, a proprietary finite element software package
originally developed at NASA using matrix and decomposition techniques for structural analysis. Responsibilities
 Developing the design optimization methodology in UAI/NASTRAN for creating structural shapes that meet
reliability and optimal weight standards.
 Addition of Strain recovery in conjunction with Stress.
 Sequencing of Math procedures for Matrix manipulation using DMAP (Direct Matrix Abstraction Program) for
Design Sensitivity Analysis.
 Support of ASTROS – a program developed for design and material optimization – for defense clients:
Northrop Grumman and Boeing.
UAI is now part of MSC Software (www.mscsoftware.com), one of the ten original software companies and the
worldwide leader in multidiscipline simulation.
 “Portal Strategy to integrate diverse Information Sources within Product Development”, a review of different
Portal vendors submitted to Ford Motor Company, 1999
 “Verification Knowledge Management Implementation at Ford Motor Company”, presented at KM World
Conference 2000 in Dallas.
 "Modeling and Simulation of Thin Liquid Films Formed By Spray-Wall Interaction" Society of Automobile
Engineers Conference, Detroit, Feb 26 - Feb 29 1996.
 "Three Dimensional Julia Sets in the Quaternions", presented at the Non-Linear Dynamics Group meeting at
Polytechnic University, Farmingdale, New York, April 23, 1995.
 "Dynamic Response Analysis of Large Space Structures", International Journal of Space Structures, Volume
4, No. 1, pp 25-42, 1989. (Publication based on Master Thesis work at Univ. of Olka.).
 "Moving Averages – a Programmatic approach to buying & selling stocks", December 1986. Paper written
based on algorithm, code and visual representation developed for the Business School at the University of
Oklahoma to predict buy and sell times based on trend analysis and segmented view of stock performance.
Entire list of publications at: http://nitinuchil.wordpress.com/professional-biodata/#publications
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551 W North Avenue, Apt. No. 208
Chicago, IL 60610, USA
Phone: +1-734-945-6463
Email: nitin.uchil@gmail.com
 Aerodynamic Expert System Toolkit, part of the Attribute Expert System tools developed for the Thermal
and Aero Department at Ford Motor Company that was web based and included hot spots on Vehicle
depictions to pop-up help on what-if changes, and a Parametric design of cars and mini-trucks to show how
Coefficient of Drag (Cd) changes are based on shape changes (hood, greenhouse, back-lite, trunk and
addition of spoiler) and how they affected fuel economy (gas mileage) using a historical database.
 Analytics Routines in POJO embedded within Visual Mining NetCharts Designer which is an Eclipse plugin. Details at: www.visualmining.com/products_for_developers/NetCharts_Analytics.php
 Chaos Research – Added FORTRAN based sub-routines to depict Mandelbrot and Julia sets in 2 and 3
dimensions, showcase the Butterfly effect (Lorentz Systems) and other interesting fractals using Mathematical
and Rendering techniques. Also used Quaternion Math (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quaternion) to
dynamically rotate objects that reduced processing time in dynamic imaging in STAR-CD object rendering.
 Events and Thin Liquid Film Modeling in STAR-CD – Built the pre-processing and post-processing for
moving mesh management and particulate formation in STAR-CD.
 Graph Module in STAR-CD – Complete architecture and development of Charting and Analytics modules
within STAR-CD. These included Cartesian, Polar, Bar, Pie, Log, Radar and Spider charts and their
customization and the writing of analysis routines for Fourier Series, Regression, Statistical Processing and
other Mathematical techniques.
 Macros in ANSYS FEA Preprocessor – wrote more than 50 macros in ANSYS that aggregated different
commands that could be run by variable inputs to generate splines, meshes etc from CAD drawings for
building finite element and computational fluid based models
 MANTRA Integrated Development Environment (Versions1 thru 6) architected at Mindware, Inc to
automate application development tasks and manage issues and create metrics. Consisted of modules for
Planning, Issues Management, Email, Schema Design, Design Patterns, Code Generation (MVC
Architecture), Testing, Deploying and Troubleshooting, with Metrics and Comparisons with other projects.
Design Patterns created included XML driven Data Access configurators for Exploring (Tree View), Depicting
(Filter View) and Discovering (pre-AJAX view using the Intelligent Dot technique) to represent the next set of
information by dynamic query of the database. All builds and deployments in MANTRA were coordinated
using ANT scripting.
 Semi-Automated Mesh Modeling in STAR-CD – Using the concept of Marching Cubes, an algorithm used
in Medical Imaging and Astronomy (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marching_cubes ), enabled the creation and
rendering of elements of arbitrary shapes, including hidden line and surface, contour and vector plots and
their dynamic rotation. Additionally provided the right geometry file with boundary conditions for fluid dynamics
 Master of Science degree with specialization in Structural Engineering, University of Oklahoma,
December 1987. GPA 3.8/4.0
Thesis: “Dynamic Analysis of Large Space Structures” – Developed and implemented an algorithm for
Transient Dynamic Analysis that reduced the matrix size for computations, and also used vectorization
and parallel processing to reduce computational time. Tested on a simulation of a Archimedean Spiral
shaped solar panel structure to be deployed via the Space shuttle and tethered to the International
Space Station, and compared with the same model run using conventional finite element packages
using NASTRAN and ANSYS for verification and computation time savings.
 Bachelor of Technology degree in Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, BHU, Varanasi,
India, June 1985. CGPA 8.91/10.0
Self Study & Projects included Modeling a Cable Stayed Bridge and a Suspension bridge for the
MODEX exhibition, programming in FORTRAN for Operations Research Techniques – the Simplex
Method for CPM and PERT, Structural Analysis for Beams and Trusses, Environmental pollution
management of a Chimney stack and Plotting Hydrographs and Programming Stock charts in PASCAL.
Summer Internships involved overseeing the construction of a Boeing 747 aircraft hangar at the
International Airport in Mumbai (@ DUBON Engineering), and the Design of a Chemical Factory, the
IDBI bank building and several other structures in India and the US (@ PAKTRON Systems).
US Citizen, Indian OCI, like traveling, willing to relocate to the right location if salary is commensurable
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