Google Analytics

CSU Extension Webpage Template
Session 10
May 2010
What it does
 Daily, monthly, yearly tracking of web visits
 Graphed over time
 Which pages they go to, how long they stay
 Bounce rate
 Entrance pages
 How they got there
 Search engines and Search terms used
 Location, operating system, monitor resolution
 Over 80 reports available
How it works
 Sign up for Google Analytics
 They return code to you
 You paste the code just below the </body> tag
 Put it on EVERY page
 Edit>Find and Replace is easiest option
 Put it in your template pages, so it will be
automatically on every page
 Go to the Analytics dashboard page to see daily metrics
Useful Reports
 Visitors:
 Map overlay, Browsers, Operating systems, Screen
resolution, Connection speed
 Traffic sources
 Direct links/Referring links/Search engines, Most
frequent search words used
 Content
 Top content, Site overlay