Map Quiz - Greece

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Map Quiz – Greece
Directions: Match the following places to the letter on the map. An (X) indicates extra credit.
____ Aegean Sea
____ Adriatic Sea
____ Ionian Sea
____ Balkan Peninsula
____ Peloponnesian Peninsula ____ Sparta
____ Asia Minor
____Bosporus Straight (X)
____ Athens
____ Straight of Dardanelles (X) ____ Black Sea
____ Crete
Directions: Using your Unit 5 VEGEs, give the best answer to the following questions.
1. _____ Which of the following is an accurate statement about the impact of geography on the economic
development of Greece?
a. Small island populations allowed citizens to participate in a direct democracy.
b. The many islands of the Aegean Sea caused the development of small independent city-states.
c. City-states that relied on the sea developed strong navies.
d. The lack of arable land in Greece caused them to establish trade colonies throughout the
Mediterranean Sea.
2. _____ The blind poet Homer is associated with what period of Greek history?
a. Macedonians and the Hellenistic Age
b. Dorians and the Greek Dark Ages
c. Sparta and the Peloponnesian Wars
d. Athens and the Age of Pericles
3. _____ Athens: democracy as Sparta: ____________.
a. Peloponnesian
b. military training
c. oligarchy
d. equality
4. _____ Draco and Solon were associated with what type of government in Athens?
a. tyranny
b. democracy
c. monarchy
d. oligarchy
5. ______ What two things did each Greek city-state have in common?
a. Currency and government.
b. Social structure and geographic features.
c. Economy and attitude toward slaves.
d. Mythology and language.
Which Greek god or goddess would have power over the following situations? (1 pt each)
6. _____Athena
A. a terrible lightning storm
7. _____Hera
B. a beautiful sunrise
8. _____Zeus
C. a full moon
9. _____Artemis
D. victory in battle
10. _____Apollo
E. family reunion
Extra Credit (3 points):
Name 3 Greek Philosophers