World History Study Guide

World History Study Guide
Chapter 9: The Greek World
Chapter 9, Section 1: TB 260-265
1. Why was Cyrus able to create and rule the largest empire the world had
ever seen?
2. How did Darius I organize the Persian Empire politically?
3. Why did Darius swear to get revenge on the Greeks?
4. List and briefly explain in one to two sentences, each of the three battles of
the Persian Wars.
Chapter 9, Section 2: TB 266-271
1. What were the similarities and differences between Athens and Sparta?
2. What two qualities did the Spartans think were most important in a good
3. Briefly discuss the reasons behind Sparta’s attack on Athens initiating the
Peloponnesian War.
4. Explain why historian Will Durant calls the Peloponnesian War “the suicide of
Chapter 9, Section 3: TB 272-276
1. Why is Alexander called “the Great”?
2. Summarize Alexander’s efforts to conquer the world.
3. How did Alexander help spread Greek culture throughout his empire?
Chapter 9, Section 4: TB 277-282
1. What were some important Greek contributions to art, architecture and
2. What role did Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle play in Greek philosophy?
3. What did Hippocrates contribute to medicine?
Test: Thursday, December 10th
Study Guide Due: Thursday, December10th