SI Session Week 2 Session 3 Bios 1030 Please list all of the

SI Session Week 2 Session 3
Bios 1030
1. Please list all of the important characteristics of the plasma membrane.
2. What is the main function of the plasma membrane?
3. Draw a picture/diagram to incorporate the five protein types embedded in
the plasma membrane. Please label and explain them.
4. What is passive transport? What does it require?
5. Please explain the following…
a. Diffusion
b. Osmosis
c. Facilitated diffusion
6. What is active transport? What does it require?
7. What is bulk transport? Please explain the two types.
8. Explain the process of the sodium-potassium pump. What does it maintain?
Why is this important? What happens if this is not maintained correctly?
9. Please define the following….
a. Isotonic
b. Hypertonic
c. Hypotonic
10. Talk with your partners about a real life application for tonicity. Please
explain in detail the example. Be sure to explain if it is an example of an
isotonic, hypertonic, or hypotonic situation.
11. What is the function of nuclear pores?
12. Please explain the importance of rough ER, smooth ER, and vesicles within
the cell.
13. What is the function of the golgi apparatus?
14. Please explain why mitochondria are so important to a cell. What is a
nickname for it?
15. Explain the function of the cytoskeleton.
16. Compare and contrast cilia and flagella.
Challenge Question:
What would happen to the red blood cells in a person’s body if they were given
regular water in an IV? Why does this happen?