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Study Guide
Lecture 11 – Water Relations
Be able to explain why tolerance to water and temperature are important topics in ecophysiology.
Be familiar with basic terminology for water movement, including diffusion, osmosis, bulk flow, water
potential (and ΔΨ).
Be familiar with the component terms of the water potential equation, and understand the conditions
where each one is (or is not) important. For example, understand why the pressure potential is
important in plant cells (but not in animal cells).
Be familiar with the terms isotonic (isoosmotic), hypotonic (hypoosmotic), and hypertonic
(hyperosmotic) and how they relate to the water potential equation.
Be able to relate the water potential equation to specific examples of water transport.
Understand the driving force for water movement, and the factors that affect the direction and rate of
water movement.
Be able to explain specific examples of how organisms adjust their water balance as discussed in class or
the book.
Be familiar with behavioral adjustments for avoiding water stress or temperature stress.