Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen, Ms. Armstrong, School of English staff,
Teachers, Monitors, Family and Friends.
In our last day of our course, we had learned more than we expected. We came to
Queen´s University from all over the world to improve our language´s skills. We
are here for different reasons; some wants to grow professionally, others to live
a new experience, some to prepare for undergraduate or graduate studies and
others are here just for vacationing.
In the classroom, we learned about grammar, verbs, conditional sentences and
we worked with integrated skills. Because of the mixed nationalities, we have
learned about other cultures, other countries and we had a very important
lesson: acceptance, tolerance and respect to each other are the ingredients for a
successful convivance.
We realised that Canada can be really hot in summer and that we would rather
be in our home countries in winter. We researched about Canada´s history and
the background of this wonderful country. We learned where Canada´s name
came from and about the national anthem !Oh Canada!.
Living in the residence, was a challenging experience, specially the cooking. In
there, we supported each other and good and bad. We shared culture,
experience, food and homework. Of course we respected the only rule of the
course and we always spoke in English.
We were lucky to have wonderful teachers and grate monitors. They were always
helping us, listening, correcting, and working with us even if the class was over.
They teach us more than just English, they teach us how to express and support
our ideas and how to work in our weaknesses and to improve our strengths. Also,
where we can buy organic food in Kingston, and how important the biodiesel is
for the environment.
We realised that we can learn, practice and have fun at the same time with the
extra activities. Going to drink a coffee, to play pool, to see a movie, and
competing in volleyball tournament for a pizza, were important fields to improve
our English. And we can´t forget the rain, it was with us in crucial moments, like
Fort Henry “wet trip” and the beach party or better say the bus party.
We study hard, but we also had a great time. We will never forget the important
lessons: Don´t park in a prohibited space or you will get a ticket. Or that Omega 3
prevents cardiovascular problems, and that we can´t survive only eating at Tim
As finals lines, we only want to say, thank you. To our professors, monitors and to
the school of English staff. Thank you, for the patient that you had to us, for the
knowledge that you shared with us. Thank you for the help that you gave us every
time we need it, thank you for your support and for your friend chip.
Every ending is just a new beginning. Keep working and reaching your dreams...
Thank you.