Classroom Eco Monitors

Classroom Eco Monitors (Key Stage 2)
paper bin
(Make sure only paper and card goes in
the bin and empty it each day into the
large blue bin (there is one at each door
leading to the playground)
(Turn off lights in the classroom and
toilet when not in use and also after
activities in the hall, shared areas,
library or computer suite). If you are
working in a room with a door make
sure it is kept closed during cold
weather to stop heat escaping.)
(Make sure children don’t leave taps
running and that they are turned off
properly. Keep a check on drinking
water being wasted, e.g filling up cups
and bottles and pouring most away or
just leaving it).
(Close programmes, log off and shut
down. Do not forget to switch off the
monitor and remember the shared
areas. Remind teachers about their
laptops and interactive whiteboards
Choose one monitor for each area.
Monitors can be chosen for a week or for a half term.
The Eco- Warriors will take on any of the above duties if one of the monitors is absent.
They will also represent their class at half termly meetings.
The Eco-Warriors will also be involved in some outdoor gardening activities with Sharon
and Hayley.