Economics (Notebook) Review: 1-5-2015 thru 1-30-2015

How can you think like an economist?
Who are you?
Why are you here really?
Where are you going?
How are you going to get there?
Day 1:
 Table of Contents Page
 Pages 1-about 12 of student handouts begun
 Special Vocabulary terms
Quid Pro Quo
Human Capital
Academic Laziness
Ceteris Paribus
to be continued…
Student Interview (who are you?)
 Take notes on 5 General Areas
 Demographics
 Likes and Dislikes
 Academic Successes
 Future Plans
 Economic Interactions
Notice how these match up to our Essential Questions!
Chapter 1 Notebook Guide
 Preview Questions: write down responses please
 1 If you were to select between 2 almost identical items…
 2 If you were to open a business similar to …
 3. If you could change something in your daily …
Cafeteria Scenario: Respond in
writing please …
 You came to school almost late, you had no breakfast,
and bogus teachers wouldn’t let you violate school
policy …
 The Master Chefs of the TR Cafeteria offered you some
delectable choices ….
 Meder’s written response using the terms from special
Vocabulary section…
Economic Acrostic Poem
 Human Capital Example
 Write your own using Template
 Turn it in
 Keep graded paper for future portfolio
What is Economics PPT
 Take notes writing down anything that you do not yet
 Introduction to the 7 Principles of Economic Thinking
 Distribute the Matrix (7 X # ) boxes for info
7 Principles of Economic Thinking
 Posted on Web-Site
 Go Over in Class
 Complete Matrix (7 X 3)
 Tape into notebook
What do Economists do?
 Chapter 1.4 Worksheet
 Go over in class (Tape into Notebook)
 Look at Graph and Graphing
 Make Bar Graph of Line Graph Data
 Tape new graph into Notebooks
How to Survive Economics
 How to answer questions
 How to Draw Graphs
 List of 6 Requirements
 Neatness counts (ruler)
 What is question?
 Title Required
 Did you answer ?
 Axes Labeled and #’d
 Single or multiple Q’s
 Proportion Counts
 Quantify
 Color often Helps
 Qualify
 Does it make sense?
Head Scratching Situations that you know already exist.
How can they be explained away?
Use the 7 Principles we have learned
Pick at least three that can help you answer
Boil it down to the Best One to explain it away
Make your own Enigma
 Instead of completing the processing portion of your
Chapter 1 Notebook Guide:
 Make your own Enigma Project
 Book Cover (4 -Parts Inside cover has 4 part
 Paper ( Must be typed)
Chapter 1 and Intro to my class test
 Notebook will be graded
 Bring pencil, paper, and notebook
 Follow Testing Rules 