Stat-Assign 01

AP Statistics - Assignment 1
Due Thursday 9/8/11
• Until told otherwise, the only book you need to bring to class is
Workshop Statistics (WS), Edition 3.
• Bring your notebook (see below).
• Bring your calculator and link to class each day. Need new batteries?
Read the Handout AP Statistics - General Information. In particular read
the section titled Style.
Fill out the Student Information Sheet.
Do the following:
Your Notebook
As soon as possible, you must have:
A large, sturdy three-ring-notebook: 2 inches or larger. We will have many, many
handouts and inserts.
Notebook dividers.
Sheet-protectors that will be supplied by your teacher.
Spend the remainder of your homework time finishing as much of the following as you
can. Total homework time should be 65 minutes. STOP when you reach 65 minutes
whether you have completed the problems below or not. Note that WS stands for
Workshop Statistics. Ed 3.
WS Topic 1: Data and Variables
Page 3/Top
Do you know 1) The definition of the study of statistics, and 2) the
definition of data that your teacher introduced in the first class? Do you
know “The most fundamental principle/idea in statistics?”
Pages 3-4/
Preliminaries: Writing in your book, do any that were not done in class.
Always write answers to “In-Class Activities” in your book.
- continued -
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AP Statistics - Assignment 1
Activity 1-1. Do. You will need to know the definitions of variable and observational
unit in the shaded box on page 4, i.e. be able to state them without
reference to notes. Learn the definition of observational units verbatim as
you apply it in questions such as 1-1/e.
Check your answers as you go along on the answer sheet provided.
Page 6
Watch Out: Watch Outs, such as the one at the end of 1-1 are scattered
throughout the book and are particularly valuable.
Activity 1-2
Part a, b, f, g only.
Activity 1-3
Activity 1-4
Part c only.
Activity 1-5
Activity 1-6
This is a "Self-Check". Note the check mark by its title. The answers are
provided at the end of the problem!
Page 10
WRAP-UP. Could you explain these terms and ideas to another student
without reference to the book or your notes?
Answers have not yet been provided for the problems below.
Activity 1-7
Parts o, p, y, z only.
Activity 1-11 Do
- end -
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