Classroom Survival Phrases and Expressions –

Classroom Survival Phrases and Expressions –
Students > Teacher
1. Mr./Ms.
..., I
..., I
..., I
..., I
don’t understand.
don’t get it.
don’t understand the question.
don’t follow what you are saying.
2. Please say that again.
Could you repeat that please?
Please explain that one more time
3. How do you English/Spanish? Do you say...?
4. Can I go to the restroom please?
Can I get a drink of water please?
I left my books, bag, materials, etc, in the...Can I go get them please?
I don’t feel well. Can I please go to the nurses office?
5. I don’t have paper, a pencil, a pen, my textbook, my notebook. Can I
please go get it?
6. I’m sorry Mr./Ms. ..., I didn’t do my homework. Can I get it to you by
this afternoon?
7. Did you grade our tests?
Are you going to return our work today?
8. What are we talking about in class today? What are we going to do
9. Can we review more please?
10. Is there any homework for tomorrow?
11. Mr./Ms. ..., can you give me some extra help?
Teacher > student
1. Take your seats please
2. Take out your (homework, textbooks, notebook, pencils/pens).
3. “Michael”, please take up the homework for me. Class, turn in your
4. Put your homework on top of my desk.
5. Open your book. Read out loud the first parragraph.
6. Form groups of two, three, four, etc.
7. Tell me...
8. Memorize the vocabulary.
9. Make a list of...
10. Look at the board.
11. Give me...
12. Work!
13. Sit down, please
14. Listen!
Casual Conversation in English class. Let’s speak!
Hey, how’s it going?
I have to...
What’s up?
How do you feel?
What are doing?
I like/really like/love...
Oh my God!
Let me...
Who knows?
It’s not allowed to...
Are you serious?
I’m coming, hold on a second.
You’re kidding me.
That’s a shame.
Don’t gossip.
I can’t believe it.
Let’s do it. Let’s go.
Come on in.
You nailed it. Good job.
Hurry up.
Come here.
What time is it?
Bless you.
Of course.
It’s not fair.
You’re right.
Right away.
That’s amazing.
Good job.
I think so.
I’m joking.
It’s hot, cold, sunny
I’m hot, cold, thirsty, hungry