Journal Entry 1 -

English 212—Journal Entry #1
6 September 2012
BACKGROUND: Today in class, we spent time discussing RULES! No…not my rules.
We talked about those yesterday. Instead, we asked some important questions about what
rules are and who makes them.
So tonight, you have a journal entry assignment to complete. If you don’t have a separate
English notebook yet, that’s ok. Just write it where you can. But soon you will need a
separate notebook for English where you can keep your journal entries.
JOURNAL ENTRY PROMPT: Please write a one page short story of a time when you
broke a rule and were punished for it.
REQUIREMENTS: Make sure to include:
a beginning, a middle, and an end
clear narration of what happened
at least one line of dialogue
a concluding sentence that shares something you learned. (As in, “As I sat in my
room that night, I learned never to feed cake to dog again.”)
EVALUATION: We will all be reading our short stories out loud in class tomorrow, so
it’s extra important to have it with you when you arrive. Though I will not be grading it, I
will be checking that you have it done and that you have met all of the requirements
You will receive a zero if you do not write the story.
You will receive a check minus if you have written the story, but it’s too short.
You will receive a check if you have written a one-page story but it’s missing any of the
requirements above.
You will receive a check plus if you have written a story of at least one page (maybe
even longer) that meets all of the above requirements.
Have fun!
Learn something!