Review of Literature PowerPoint

Review of
(Research Paper)
Review of Literature
• Must be 3-5 pages in length (ONLY 12 font/ double-spaced) and
contain 8-12 sources/ references.
This is where all of your research is documented and where all of your
resources/ references are listed (attached to back on their own page).
ONLY .gov, .org, .edu, or specially approved websites can be used to find
All websites should be current; nothing before 2005, unless otherwise
Research EVERY part of your project idea.
• Look up key words in the encyclopedia/ dictionary.
• Find information on previous results that others have had doing the same
experiment/ project.
APA Format
• All work handed in must be in APA Format.
• You can go to
• This website will help you cite in and out of your text.
• IN TEXT CITATIONS- If you use information directly and do not
change words, it must be in quotations with the author’s last name and pg.
• Example: “Mendel’s father bred fruit trees” (Van Gorp, 12).
• Online Example: (Environmental Protection Agency, 2011)
• REFERENCES- This is the list of resources you used throughout the
• Correct Format for Online ResourceEnvironmental Protection Agency, Initials. (2011, July 29). A brief guide to mold,
moisture, and your home. Retrieved from
• Do NOT copy and paste ANYTHING!
• If you are using anyone else's ideas, they need to be
in your own words or in quotations AND author
must ALWAYS get credit in your references.
1. Think of 5 or more questions that
need to be answered/ researched about
your topic.
• EX: Testing whether the temperature of water effects plant
• Questions/ research to look up!
• Research the specific type of plant; where is it from? What is the climate like
in its natural habitat? How fast does this plant usually grow?
What do plants need to grow?
Is there a difference between hot and cold water?
What is the average temperature of water that plants need to grow? What is
room temperature?
What is photosynthesis? Do certain temperatures of water affect the growth
of plants?
Now write down your five questions
that need to be answered/
researched about your topic.
Write them in loose-leaf sheet of
2. Look up your question/research
using credible websites!
• Credible Websites:
Non-Credible Websites:
Should end in .edu, .org,
.net, and .gov.
Ask your teacher about
any websites you are
not sure!
• Ex