The Development of Africa

The Development of Africa
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Spread of Islam
Two People
Mansa Musa
Ibn Battuta
Welcome to this tour of Ibn Battuta's medieval travels. You will be following in the
footsteps of this famous 14th century Muslim traveler, exploring the places he
visited and the people he encountered. To help you learn more about his
adventures there will be images of the people and places he saw, information on
the food he might have tasted, and "side trips" into the past and future.
Ibn Battuta started on his travels when he was 20 years old in 1325. His main
reason to travel was to go on a Hajj, or a Pilgrimage to Mecca, as all good Muslims
want to do. But his traveling went on for about 29 years and he covered about
75,000 miles visiting the equivalent of 44 modern countries which were then
mostly under the governments of Muslim leaders of the World of Islam, or "Dar alIslam".
Your Task: Post Cards from Africa
1. Identify 3 accomplishments of the Empire of Mali (from
2. Choose an African Civilization (Ghana, Songhai, Benin,
Kilwa, Hausea, Yoruba, Zimbabwe- based on Chapter
3. Compare the accomplishments of your civilization to
those of Mali
4. If Mali is the “Gold Medal” civilization of Early Africa,
than why is yours worthy of a “Silver Medal”?
5. Title, Picture, Details that create a clear snapshot of
your African Civilization
6. 1-2 page write up
Mansa Musa
Cultural Diffusion