Africa Study Guide

Africa Study Guide
C39 Africa is the world’s _________________ largest continent.
C39 _________________ River is located in Northeast Africa & is the longest river in the world
C39 __________________ River is located in West Africa
C38-39The Sahara Desert isolated ______________ from the rest of the continent and is the ___________desert in Africa
3000 B.C. -Bantu
T141 Who were the Bantus?
T141 What did they spread throughout Africa?
400 B.C. Berbers cross the Sahara Desert
T129/CB40 The Berbers an African tribe, lived in _________________. In 400 B.C. the Berber people of North Africa found ways to
cross the Sahara to West Africa
T129/CB40 How did the Sahara trade develop?
CB42 What was the benefit of using a camel to cross the desert?
400s-1200s Empire of Ghana
CB40 Located in _______________Africa along the ___________ River
CB40 Advantage of location
CB40 What were the two primary items traded? Where did each item come from?
CB40 How did Ghana gain wealth & power?
CB41 Why did traders have no choice but to pay taxes to Ghana’s kings?
CB40 Explain how trade along the Niger River worked
T130 Who brought Islam to Ghana/Africa?
1200s-1450s Empire of Mali
T132 Located in ___________________ Africa along the _______________ River
CB43 Mali took control of the ____________
CB43 Major Rulers _______________ & _______________
Sundiata conquers an Empire
T131 What did Sundiata do for the people of Mali?
T131 Sundiata took control of ____________& ____________. Mali built its wealth & power on ___________________
Mansa Musa expands Mali
T138 Mansa Musa was a devout ___________. However, he allowed his subjects to ______________________
Mansa Musa attracted the attention of many nations with his famous pilgrimage, or trip, to Mecca/Makkah.
T138 Describe Mansa Musa’s journey to and from Mecca:
C43 What did Mansa Musa do when he returned from his journey? How did this effect Timbuktu?
T137 Who is Ibn Battuta? What did he spend most of his life doing?
T131 What was the primary reason Mali declined?
T134 What was similar about the governments of Mali & Ghana?
1000-1600 Empire of Songhai
C45 Location:
C45/T131-132 Achievements of Sunni Ali:
C45/T139 Achievements of Askia Muhammad (particularly for the religion of Islam):
700-1450 Empire of Zimbabwe
C45 Location:
T132chart Goods Traded:
C45 Key facts:
Islam in Africa – Read over the information on pg 47 in your comp book!
A Muslim place of worship is known as a _____________
Timbuktu was a very important city to each empire that gained control of it. Overtime, Timbuktu became both an
important city for trade and of________ learning. (which religion)
The Slave Trade
C48 What caused the slave trade to increase in Africa?
T143European Slave Trade
Portugal’s use of the slave trade-
Europeans use of the slave trade-
There will be several document based questions such as maps, charts, and excerpts like the one below