Mali Cause and Effect

Mali Cause and Effect
Read each cause (blue boxes) and each effect (yellow boxes.) Use the ARROW
tool to match the correct cause to the correct effect. Use research notes, books,
internet sites and stories that you have read to help if you get stumped.
Write three of your own causes and effects in the blank boxes at the bottom of
the page. Make sure they are correctly matched up.
Print your page when you are finished.
Because gold was so plentiful,
Mansa Musa became famous for
his wealth and generosity.
The Mali people did not have
People made fun of him and didn't
think he could be a good ruler.
Because Sundiata could not
walk or talk until he was 7 years
So they bartered gold for salt.
Because he gave away so
much gold on his journey,
Mali was a very rich country.