Culture - PCIS Team 7B-Red Devil Squad!

Chapter 3
The Worlds People
Chapter 3.1 Vocabulary
Ethnic group
Culture region
 Culture is the way
of life of people
who share similar
beliefs and customs
 Social Scientist
look at eight
elements called
Graphic Organizer ; Elements of Culture
Elements-Social groups
 Different groups of people in a society
 Ethnics groups are people who share a common
history, language, religion or some other physical
Elements of Culture
 Sharing a common language is
 Is an important part of culture.
a powerful element of culture
 Dialect is a local form of a
language that differs from the
same language in other areas
 Y’all vs U’ons
 Pop vs soda
 Religious beliefs vary around
the world
 Differences cause struggle in
many countries
 Iraq- Sunni and Shia Muslim
 United States –Christianity vs
Political issues ( same sex
Elements of Culture
 Daily Life- what and how you eat; what you wear;
what kind of home you live in.
 History- Celebrating the past; holidays
 Arts- dance, music, literature,
 Economy- how people in a society earn a living;
farming, manufacturing, providing services
 All of these elements contribute to defining a persons
Elements of Culture
 Governments maintain order, create laws and
rules so that people can live together without
 Democracy
 Dictatorship
 Monarchy
Types of Government
Cultural Changes
 Cultural Diffusion is the process of spreading new
knowledge and skills to other cultures.
 Civilizations are highly developed cultures;
established governments, religions ,cities and
systems of writing. Map on page 86
 Culture regions include areas that share common
traits( government, economic system, social groups)
World Cultural Regions
Map Skills
Elements of Culture Project
 You will apply the eight elements of
culture to your life and create a
keynote, PowerPoint or booklet
presentation that shows your culture.
 You will give an oral presentation to the
class; follow the provided example and
the rubric
Elements of Culture Project
 Social groups- ethnic group, sports teams,
memberships in clubs
 Language- dialect, slang , does your family
speak another language?
 History- favorite holiday, family traditions,
family tree/family origin
 Daily life- what do you wear, eat, what do you
do in your spare time?
 Arts- what music do you listen to, what dance
is your favorite, what books do you read?
Elements of Culture Project
 Religion- what is your faith, do you attend church, if
so which one, what do you find special about your
 Economics- what do your parents or guardians do
for a living, how do you earn money, what do you
spend you money on, how will you make money in
the future?
 Government- what is your perception or idea of
government, who is the head of your house, what
rules do they have; are these rules fair, why or why