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Name:______________________________________________________ Period:_______
After winter break review
Match each item with the correct statement below.
a. urbanization
d. population density
b. internal migration
e. pull factor
c. declining death rates
1. the average number of people living in a square kilometer
2. one reason for rapid population growth
3. moving from place to place in the same country
4. something that attracts immigrants to another place
5. the rapid growth of cities
Match each item with the correct statement below.
a. ethnic group
d. civilizations
b. globalization
e. dialect
c. cultural diffusion
6. a local variation of a language
7. spreading ideas, customs, and language from one culture to another
8. highly developed cultures
9. the development of a worldwide culture with an interdependent economy
____ 10. people who share the same language, history, religion, and physical traits
Match each item with the correct statement below.
a. renewable
d. nonrenewable
b. economic system
e. quota
c. newly industrialized
____ 11. moving toward developed economies
____ 12. limit on how much of a particular product can be imported from a certain nation
____ 13. resources like iron ore and coal that are limited in supply
____ 14. determines what goods and services to produce, how to produce them, and who will receive them
____ 15. resources like wind, water, and forests
Short Answer- Answer the following questions in complete sentences on the back of this paper. Use your notes!
16. What is the difference between a dictatorship and a democracy?
17. How do geographers measure the success of an economy?
18. Name three ways that culture spread in the past, and one way that culture spreads today.
19. What are the four types of economic systems?
20. What defines a developed economy?
21. Why is trade important? (for people and for countries)
22. If a country stops producing oil, what are the effects in interdependent countries?
23. What beliefs do Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have in common?
23. Describe Race, Ethnicity, and Culture. (include their similarities and difference)