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Aspects of Culture


What is culture? (p. 80)

What are the 8 traits that social scientists study when discussing culture? (p.80)

Use the link called Cultures in America. Keep in mind this is only the A’s and B’s when you look at an alphabetical list of cultures in America.

Who are Acadians and where do they live in America?

Who are the Apaches and where do they live?

Who are Arab Americans and what countries do they come from?


What is a dialect? (p. 81)

What is the example of dialect given in the book?

Use the link called Pop/Soda Map.

What region/s uses the word “pop”?

What region/s uses the word “soda”?

What region/s uses the word “coke”?

Use the link called List of Languages.

What is the most common language in the world? Where is it spoken?

What are three other languages that have over 100 million speakers?


Look at the map of world religions on p. 81.

What is the most common religion in South America?

What is the most common religion in Northern Africa?

Where is Buddhism practiced?

What are three states in the United States where Judaism is common?

Look at the chart of religions on p. 82.

Choose one religion from the chart and explain the beliefs in your own words.

Government (p.83)

What is the purpose of government?

What is a democracy?

Explain what it would be like to live in a dictatorship.

Read the chart on the bottom of p. 83

What is the difference between a direct democracy and a representative democracy?

What are examples of countries that have or have had a dictatorship?

What are examples of countries with constitutional monarchy?

World Culture Regions (p.84)

What is the name of the culture region that includes Mexico, Central America and South America?

What are the two culture regions in Africa?

What is cultural diffusion?

What traits do culture regions have in common?