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Integrated Math 1 Syllabus
Teacher: Christian Wu  Phone: (872)221-0997  Email: [email protected]  Website:
Edmodo Code: ___________
Tutoring: ________________
After-school tutoring is available throughout the week in various math teachers’ classrooms as well.
Course Description: Students will meet the California Common Core State Standards for Integrated Mathematics I. The
math strands that will be explored and enriched include: Number and Quantity, Algebra, Functions, Geometry, and
Statistics and Probability. Emphasis will be placed on an introduction to functions through analysis of linear and
exponential functions and an introduction to geometry though transformations. Specific topics will include: solving linear
and absolute value equations algebraically; systems of equations and inequalities; understanding the different conceptual
uses of symbols; operations with polynomials; factoring; graphing; radical expressions; inequalities. Other topics will
include sequences; coordinate and transformational geometry, theorems involving congruent triangles; probability and
statistics. Students will communicate their thinking both orally and in writing and will explore how algebra, geometry,
probability, and statistics are used in a variety of real-life scenarios.
 One 3 ring binder (no smaller than 1.5 inch)
 Plenty of notebook paper (8.5” X 11” size)
 3 subject dividers
 Several pencils or mechanical pencil (with extra lead)
 Eraser
 Edmodo account
 IXL account
Student Handbook
Expo marker
Glue sticks
Compass (suggested)
Classroom Rules and Expectations:
1. Follow directions the first time they are given.
2. Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak.
3. Stay in your seat unless you have permission to do otherwise.
4. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
5. No cursing or teasing.
Consequences in the classroom:
Positive Consequences
Praise from teacher/peers
Positive learning environment
Extra class privileges
Positive phone calls home
Test and Quizzes
Binder, Warm Up,
KBACs, In class
Negative Consequences
1st Offense: Warning
2nd Offense: Loss of class privileges, Behavior Reflection,
and/or Phone call home
3rd Offense: Phone call home and referral
Homework assignment will be given and reviewed on a daily basis. It will be checked
every class and should include all math work, calculations, and/or explanations.
Quizzes will be given during each unit and a test will be given at the end of each unit.
Students will also be assessed by individual or group projects that highlight real life
applications of Integrated Math 1.
Binder: Neatness and organization counts. Math problems include solution path
explanations. Information and observations are logged in student language. All
binders will be collected on the day of a test.
Warm Up: A warm-up sheet will be given and reviewed on a daily basis. It will be
The Preuss School
collected every two weeks and should include all math work, calculations, and/or
In class participation: Your ongoing contribution to the Integrated Math 1 class,
through regular and punctual attendance, participation and contribution to class
activities and discussions. This also counts as willing to work well cooperatively and
collaborate with a group or partner.
Assessments and Grading Policy: CHEATING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Students caught cheating or copying other’s work
will receive a zero, a phone call home, and a referral. Both the student who shares his work and the person who copies it
will suffer the same consequences.
What if I’m absent? It will be the student’s responsibility to turn in any homework they missed due to an excused absence.
Mr. Wu will NOT remind them. Each day’s homework assignment can be found at Edmodo or students can communicate
with a peer from their advisory class.
All materials used in class will be in the “I was absent folder” in the back of the classroom. Student must collect it at the
beginning or the end of class and students are responsible of completing the notes in their own separate time whether in
Advisory class/lunch time/after school.
What if I fail my quiz? Test? You will not be able to retake any quizzes - only tests. If you fail your test, an intervention plan
will be administered. It consists of phone call home, after school tutoring, test corrections, oral assessments, and/or test
retakes. If test scores are higher than quiz scores, it will be replaced by the test score. Ixl is a comprehensive math review site with an unlimited number of practice questions in hundreds of skills - all
of which are aligned to state standards. It is accessible through numerous devices such as computers, tablets, or
smartphones via the website, or app. Students can access it from anywhere - their homes, in school, on the bus
ride home - anywhere where they have internet is available. IXL will be used for most of the homework assignments.
More information about will be in a separate letter. Edmodo is a website that provides teachers and students (and parents) with a secure place to connect
and collaborate, share content and educational applications, and access homework, grades, class discussions and
notifications. Students will access Edmodo every day in and out of the classroom to watch instructional videos, post
reflections, upload or find homework, and occasionally take quizzes. The group code for your class is:
Go to and click “I’m a student”
Choose a username and password you can remember and please make them school appropriate
Even though it says an email is opt (for optional), you must connect edmodo to an email account you check
4) Then, read what is posted for your first day of class and complete the activities given.
Dear Students, Parents, Guardians, and family members,
This is my promise that I will work my hardest to make this math class challenging, interesting, and applicable to real life
and your future experiences. I am always eager to hear from you and your families, so please feel free to contact me
regarding any issues you may have. I look forward to a successful and mathematical year with you all!
Kind Regards,
Christian Wu
The Preuss School
Integrated Math 1 2014-2015
Student Contract
I have read and understand Mr. Wu’s policies and procedures. I understand that in order to be successful in this course I
have to follow them.
Student Name (printed):______________________________
Student Signature:_______________________
Advisory Teacher’s Name: ___________________________________
Parent Contract
I have read and understand Mr. Wu’s policies and procedures. I understand that in order for my child to be successful in
this course he/she has to follow those policies and procedures and I have to help him/her in doing that.
If I have any questions or comments about my child’s progress in Integrated Math 1, I know that my concerns are ALWAYS
welcome by Mr. Wu.
Parent Name (printed):___________________________
Parent Signature:___________________________
Parent/Guardian Email address:
Home Phone Number:__________________________
Work Phone Number: _________________________
What is the best way for Mr. Wu reach you and what time?
What language do you prefer?_________________________________________________________________
Does your child know his/her multiplication tables?
Here’s a quick test. He/she should be able to complete it with 98% to
100% accuracy in a 5 minute time period. Test your son/daughter and
help them earn EXTRA CREDIT! Just give them this test in 5 minutes. Log
the time you start and finish administering the test. Make observations of
what you notice while they’re taking the test! Fill in the chart below and
sign to earn EXTRA CREDIT!
Time started:
Time finished:
These are TWO observations I made
while my child completed this
Parent/Guardian signature:
The Preuss School