World War I. Notes
Causes of War
I.Nationalism: The love of one’s country rather than the love of a native region.
a. During the 1800’s many national groups that were driven by
nationalism tried to unite by governments controlled by their
own people.
b. This desire to unite all people of a nation under one
government had devastating possibilities in Europe, where one
government often ruled many nationalities.
II.Imperialism: One country controlling another politically, socially, economically.
a. Several European countries narrowly avoided war many
times as they struggled to divide up Africa among
b. France and Germany, were on the brink of war several
times when they argued about claims to Morocco. They
settled with a compromise that left both countries
III.Militarism: Glorification of military and readiness for war.(Identifying war as a
“Good Thing”)
a. Militarism controlled the thinking of many European leaders before the
b. Many thought that the only way to solve problems among nations was by
force. These leaders though that a strong military would get what it wanted
and a weaker nation would lose out.
c. As international rivalries grew in Europe most nations made their armies
stronger and larger.
IV. Alliances: An agreement or pact between two nations to support each other
either militarily or economically.
a. Germany was afraid France would seek revenge for defeat in 1871, tried to
keep them isolated without allies, especially Russia.
b. 1881 Germany sets up Three Emperors League (Secret agreement among
Russia, Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy.
c. After leadership changes Germany lets TEL fall.
d. French quickly jumped at the chance when Russia had economic crisis and
loaned them money which prompted an alliance between them. The triple
entente was later formed in 1907 between Russia, Great Britain, and