Global Studies
Model UN Country Profile Outline
Nation: Russia
Population: 142.9 million
Location: North of China, East of Europe
Form of Government: Federation
Type of Economy: Combination of free trade and
Brief History:
Describe the geography of your nation, including any of the natural resources you
may have. Broad plain with low hills west of Urals; vast coniferous forest and
tundra in Siberia; uplands and mountains along southern borders, the climate is
Northern continental. Various Natural resources include Petroleum, natural gas,
timber, and furs, precious and nonferrous metals
Major International Organizations that your nation in involved with:
 E.U
 U.S
 China
 Japan
Identify if you are involved in any current conflicts in the world and explain why you
are involved in them.
I did not find anything that completely supports my point but I believe that Russia is
currently in no conflicts worldwide and that the only true conflict they have is
within Russia and that it is with Chechnya. The problem is that Chechnya wants to
become independent from Russia. The only problem with this is that Russia has
nuclear weapons stored there and won’t easily give them up without a fight.
Additional information about your nation that may help you understands its place in
the world?
 Exports--$376.7 billion
 Imports--$191.8 billion
 Major markets--EU, CIS, China, Japan.
 Major partners--EU, CIS, Japan, China, U.S. U.S
 Russia's educational system has produced nearly 100% literacy
 Independence: August 24, 1991.
 Constitution: December 12, 1993.
The Russian Government has stated its desire to build a professional army,
but implementation has been progressing slowly
GDP (2010): $1.477 trillion.
Growth rate (2011): 4%.