Syllabus Quiz

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Syllabus Quiz
Directions: Answer each question with the option that best answers the question:
1. Who is teaching this course?
a. Mrs. Starrick
b. Mr. Scott
c. Mr. Kerr
d. Mr. Obama
2. What class are you enrolled in?
a. SS08
b. SS21
c. SC22
d. MA07
3. Which of the following is not a required material to bring to class every day?
a. Writing Utensil
b. Bulldog Binder
c. Negative attitude
d. Note taking paper
4. What is a subject that will be covered in this course?
b. Cold War
c. Age of Exploration
d. The Renaissance
5. What is the common word in the 3 main rules of the classroom?
a. Respect
b. Attitude
c. Effort
d. Kindness
6. True or False: The last step of discipline is a Classroom Reflection Sheet
a. True
b. False
7. True or False: You are allowed to sit wherever you want each day
a. True
b. False
8. How much are you penalized each day that your assignment is turned in late?
a. 10%
b. 25%
c. 50%
d. 33%
9. Which assignment group is worth the highest percentage of your grade?
a. Quizzes
b. Project
c. Participation
d. Daily Assignments
10. If you are absent the day of a pre-quiz are you allowed to make it up?
a. Yes
b. No
Extra Credit:
11. What is Mr. Kerr’s favorite professional football team?
a. 49ers
b. Cowboys
c. Seahawks
d. Cardinals
12. What college did Mr. Kerr attend?
a. ASU
b. U of A
c. USC
d. Texas