Chapter 20-22 Study Guide

Chapter 20-22 Study Guide
1.) Describe Woody Guthrie.
2.) Describe E.W. Marland
3.) Describe the 45th infantry. Include their nicknames, how they got them, and why
their codes were never broken.
4.) What project is Robert S. Kerr responsible for?
5.) Describe the bombing of the Atomic Bomb. List the name of the bomb, the
bomber that carried it, the city we bombed for and the reasons we did it.
Chapters 20-22 Study Guide
6.) Who invented the Atomic Bomb. List the Project name, the department name and
how the group of people who invented it were assembled.
7.) Give the name of and describe the epidemic that hit in 40’s and list its effects and
who created the vaccine for it and when.
8.) Why was unemployment so high with the veterans who returned from the war?
9.) Why was daylight savings created?
10.) Why had the government asked people to ration gasoline during the war and why
was that ration lifted after the war?
Chapter 20-22 Study Guide
11.) Describe segregation. List the laws that allowed segregation to be legal, the
court case that upheld these laws and the court case that ended segregation.
12.) What conflict did America become involved in just 5 years after the end of
WWII. Why did we get involved in this conflict, and what larger. Ideological
war was it a part of?
13.) Describe Johnston Murray.
14.) Describe the major accomplishment of Raymond Gary during his term as
15.) What business did Dean McGee and Robert Kerr join to create and what was its
most known accomplishment, and what two towns did they have the biggest
plants in Oklahoma.
16.) Describe the Karen silkwood incident.