February 1, 2013

Campus Facilities Committee Meeting
February 1, 2013
Present: Britt Bousman, Stan Carpenter, Lou DeVirgilio, Carol Dochen, Mayur Mehta, Tim Mottet, Gregg
Marshall for Barbara Sanders, Harold Stern, Vincent Morton for Margarita Arellano, Mike Krzywonski,
Nancy Nusbaum, Kim Porterfield, April Barnes, Russell Clark, Juan Guerra, Ted Hindson, Brad Justice,
Ralph Meyer, David Lemke, Michael Petty, Rosanne Proite, John Root, Jennifer Shell, Don Compton,
Chris Reynolds.
Absent: Dorinda Noble, Micky Autrey, Mike Abbott, David Bisett, Frank Gonzalez
Guest: James Webb
Welcome – Rosanne Proite welcomed committee members to the North Housing Community building
and invited everyone to stay for a tour after the meeting.
Fall 2012 Space Use Efficiency (SUE) Scores – Ms. Nusbaum reviewed state wide SUE scores generated
by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB). Ms. Nusbaum noted that Texas State,
University of Houston, UT-Dallas and UTSA received perfect scores. She also noted that Texas State’s
score could drop next year because a number of rooms previously classified as “meeting rooms” are
now “classrooms.”
THECB Space Model – Ms. Nusbaum informed the committee that Texas State has a space deficit of ~1.5
million square feet according to THECB formula. She also reported that she requested the THECB to
review the calculations for accuracy because a couple of Texas State capital projects not on the
inventory were not factored into the analysis. These projects include the Recital Hall & Theatre and
Commons Hall. Ms. Nusbaum pointed out that Texas State has the 3rd highest space deficit in the state
(behind UT and A&M). She mentioned the model is a major factor in determining HEAF allocations.
City of San Marcos – Jennifer Shell updated the Committee on several projects.
 Sessom Wastewater Phase I – The contractor will start working at night next Tuesday through
Friday to complete the line between Aquarena Springs Drive and State Street.
o Next construction zones are the areas between State Street and Pleasant Street, then
between Pleasant Street and N. LBJ (on the Sessom curve).
o Ms. Shell noted that the project may be completed by the end of July, which would be
ahead of schedule.
o Ms. Nusbaum noted the project is having significant impact on the University’s bus
service (and student timeliness to classes):
 Narrow traffic lanes on Sessom Drive do not allow inbound and outbound buses
to pass each other; in response, outbound service is rerouted to University Drive
(via Comanche, Woods, Guadalupe streets) adding ~2 minutes to each lap (and
passing other City construction zones).
 Traffic delays are causing the buses to “bunch-up”, decreasing the frequency
which buses pass a given stop and increasing lap times. This may result in
students being late for class.
 Britt Bousman pointed out this problem could be amplified during final exams
because students may not be allowed to take the final if they are late.
The committee addressed options, other than email, to notify students of
changes to the bus service due to construction; 1). Stan Carpenter and Tim
Mottet agreed to take the issue before the Council of Academic Deans.
2). Rosanne Proite will keep advising campus residents to read their Texas State
email. 3). Flyers should be posted on the buses. 4). Jennifer mentioned she
would ask the City to approach the contractor to address traffic delays during
Comanche Water Main – The contractor is wrapping up odds and ends. Estimated completion is
Spring 2013.
Long Street & Short Street Water Main Replacement (March through April 2013)– Long and
Short streets will close at Hopkins Street. Expect traffic delays in the vicinity of I-35 @ Hopkins.
Guadalupe Bridge Replacement (March through September 2013) – TXDOT will be replacing the
bridge on Guadalupe Street over Willow Creek between Knox Street and Armstrong Street (near
Sonic); two lanes of traffic will be open at all times.
Downtown Redevelopment Project (August 2012 through Summer 2014) – February projects
include underground electric/telecom and drainage improvements on Hutchinson Street and
wastewater, underground electric and pavement reconstruction in the alley between Edward
Gary Street and LBJ Street. Starting in March, work will move to Hutchinson Street only. South
side of Hutchinson Street will be closed through March.
Loop 82 Overpass (Fall 2013 through late 2015) – On schedule to start next fall.
N LBJ Reconstruction (Fall 2013 through early 2015) – On schedule to start next fall.
Sessom Wastewater Phase II (Summer 2013 through early 2014) – wastewater lines will be
installed on CM Allen Parkway from University Drive to I-35.
North, Nance and Moore Water & Wastewater Improvements (May through October 2013) –
replace existing water and wastewater lines under Moore Street from Blanco Street to San
Antonio Street (south of Hopkins), North Street from Lindsay Street to San Antonio Street and
Nance Street from San Antonio Street to MLK Street.
Hunter Road Widening- City of San Marcos (Fall 2013 through Spring 2015) – on schedule;
widen Hunter Road from Wonder World Drive to Bishop Street.
Hunter Road Widening- Hays County (starts late 2013) – widen Hunter Road from Posey Road
to Centerpoint Road.
I-35 at Loop 82 (Aquarena Springs) and I-35 at Highway 80 (Hopkins Street) Intersections –
(Fall 2013 through Summer 2014) – TXDOT is designing intersection improvements at these
locations to improve safely and traffic flow.
*Starting next fall, just about every street into and out of the city will be under construction; the
committee is asked to funnel issues to the city through Juan Guerra.
2013-059 – Hill House Renovation – Cost estimate is $21,000. Criminal Justice was initially seeking the
full amount. However, the department can now contribute $11,000 of department funds. There were no
objections from the committee. Ms. Nusbaum will secure appropriate approvals to proceed.
FY12-13 HEAF Plan – Ms. Nusbaum distributed and reviewed the HEAF plan for FY 12-13. There is
approximately $6 million available at the end of FY 13 depending on the outcome of TRB requests.
 Theatre Building – after the Recital Hall and Theatre opens, the Theatre building may undergo
extensive renovations (not currently funded).
 RFM 5th floor – after Engineering moves out of RFM, the 5th floor will be renovated.
Vivarium; the original cost estimate of $1 million dollars has increased to $4 million.
The new Engineering building will also result in a need to renovated Supple Science (not
currently funded)
Since JCM opened (2003) the School of Art & Design has experienced tremendous growth.
Instructional space is so limited and inefficient that the school cannot offer enough courses to
successfully serve it students. OFPDC will conduct a feasibility student to reconfigure space.
Other New Projects on the Radar –
o Lampasas Building 4th and 5th Floors – Fire safety, ADA requirements and restroom
o Renovation of Sabinal – this project will be paired with JCM.
o 3 projects in Family and Consumer Sciences
o 3 projects in JCK
o Alumni House- The cost estimate for structural repairs is $177,000.
Prioritizing projects is key. Ms. Nusbaum asked for suggestions for prioritizing the funding of
projects and mentioned the committee consider reestablish a subcommittee made up of 5-6
committee members to carefully examine and prioritize requests on behalf of the larger
committee. Committee members should send their thoughts to Ms. Nusbaum.
2013-056 – Alkek 101 Electrical and Multi-Media Upgrades – Information only. Project completed with
ITS department funds in the amount of $2895.
JCK 5th Floor Renovation – The AVP for Financial Services submitted a request to renovate the 5th floor
of JCK. The initial cost estimate is $196,000 and the work will need to be done in phases. James Webb
addressed the committee and itemized specific issues related the operational inefficiencies due to
inadequate space configurations, increased staffing levels and possible life safety concerns. Ms.
Nusbaum recommended prioritizing each of the phases and generating a separate cost estimate for
each phase.
Land Acquisitions –
 CTMC Property – On Thorpe Lane. Listing price is $175,000. Corner of the property is adjacent
to the Track and Field facility. Property can be purchased with Institutional Funds (not HEAF)
 Wayne Property – On Holland Street between Old Ranch Road 12 and Academy Street; Wayne
family is interested in selling to the University. It is the last remaining privately held property
on the block.
Special Projects Overview – Don Compton updated the committee on several projects. Mr. Compton
stated that of the 40 special projects (~$300-400 thousand) that were started during Winter Break, 21
are finished, 12 are in progress, 1 is pending PO, 2 are in punch-list phase, 1 is in scope of work phase,
and 3 are on-hold. In addition, the Special Projects group has 120 projects in the queue - 15 to 20
projects need to be assigned to a Construction Contract Administrator (CCA); 15 new projects were
assigned to CCAs in the last 3 weeks; 4 to 5 are ADA compliance projects, and there is about $150,000 in
deferred maintenance projects. Mr. Compton asked the committee to remind people in their areas not
to delay space requests for the breaks. The goal is to even-out projects throughout the year.
Construction Status Report – Michael Petty updated the committee on several projects.
 Psychology (aka Comal) Building- Interior demolition is complete and abatement will be
finished in early-February; construction zone fence will expand (and shrink) as the project
warrants. At times it will block an increased portion of pedestrian areas near the site.
 Brogdon Hall – Will be complete in May.
 Electrical Infrastructure Upgrade – Phase I is 99% complete. The Provost’s Office did not receive
a single complaint about the planned power outages over the Winter Break. Phase II will take ~2
years and will replace aging switches and transformers across campus.
 Old Main Roof Repair – Contractor plans to be finished by July instead of November as originally
 Recital Hall and Theatre – On scheduled to be complete in December.
 West Housing Phase I – Impact should be minimal because of the location on far-West Campus.
 School of Nursing Student Clinic – Converting meeting space to a student health clinic.
 South Utility Upgrades – After a brief break from road construction, the final electrical
connection between the Cogen Plant and South Chill Plant will be installed at Bobcat Trail.
 UAC – South lawn and bus terminal are nearly complete. The contractor is working on punch-list
 Commons Hall – Complete.
 North Housing – Art work is being installed and lighting issues are being resolved.
 STAR One – Complete.
 Thomas Rivera Drive – Final stages (pedestrian warning lights installed).
 Colorado Building Renovation – Architect’s plans are ready. Renovation will start after the Key
Shop moves to new location on Thorpe Lane.
 Agriculture Greenhouse – Head House is framed and Green House construction is underway.
 South Campus Town Hall – Next meeting is mid/end March.
 Woods Street – LBJ to Guadalupe – Projected opening of the South Bus Terminal is end of
February/Spring Break.