Study Guide

US History
Industrialization Revolution Review
A nation must first develop this in order for industrialization to be possible
Between 1900 and 1914 roughly 9 million Europeans migrated here
Define division of labor and describe impact on artisans
Define horizontal integration
Define vertical integration
Examples of government support for industrialization include…
Group of workers that diminish the power of unions by allowing employers to
continue day-to-day operations
Immigrants worked mainly in factories and came mostly from this part of Europe
In each union and employer conflict discussed in class, the government sided with
this group
Main reason women worked during the 2nd Industrial Revolution
Reason steel is desirable over iron
Reason weather was a major problem with the movement of goods before railroads
Term coined by Mark Twain highlighting the relative wealth of the few at the
expense of most working Americans
Term for an agreement between workers and employers regulating working
Term for raw materials that make other goods
Term for the cycle of a gradual increase in asset value followed by a sharp decline
Term for the movement that aggressively disagreed with the influx of immigrants
from northern and eastern Europe
These women were the least likely to work
This group was excluded from northern factory work largely because of racism
This Industrial Revolution distinguishes itself with the mass production of steel
This Industrial Revolution is viewed as an extension of the agricultural economy’s
textile, meat processing and tanneries production
This Industrial Strike resulted from Carnegie dismissing the Iron and Steel Workers
This Industrial Strike resulted from the lowering of wages but not rent
This process refined iron into steel
Essay Topics:
Social Darwinism
Capital goods