HUG Economic Geography Industrial Regions

HUG Economic Geography Industrial Regions
Map exercise – see map on page 2
1. Write a title for the map of Europe that relates directly to this assignment.
2. Create a key for the major industrial areas in Europe.
a. Choose colors for each major industrial area based on the reason it was
created as an industrial area. For example, one color for areas of coal
deposits, one color for iron/iron ore, one color for location/population
center/transportation, one color for gas/oil
b. United Kingdom industrial area
c. Rhine-Ruhr Valley
d. Mid-Rhine Region
e. Northern Italy
f. Silesia
g. St. Petersburg
h. Eastern Ukraine
i. Central Russia
j. Volga River Region
k. Ural Mountain Region
l. Kuznetsk
m. The Black Triangle
3. Label the countries that are part of the major industrial areas in Europe.
4. Write your name as the cartographer of this map.
Questions from the powerpoint:
5. Where are the majority of industrial areas in China?
6. Explain the location of the industrial areas in China.
7. Explain India’s choice between using her high level of mineral resources for
industrialization compared to using her resources to develop a large service
8. Explain how the only region in the world with a trade surplus also has a lower
9. What is the significance of the Canadian Shield? Remember this when we talk
about the Inuit during the culture unit.
10. How has connectivity affected the industrialization of Mexico? Explain.
11. Identify and describe the major industrial centers in Latin America.
12. List 3 major consequences of NAFTA.
13. What is the greatest issue preventing economic and industrial development in
Sub-Saharan Africa? (resources? Demographics? Transportation/infrastructure?
Past history? other?)
14. Explain the reasons for Japan’s high HDI score.