Marketing Management..

Marketing Management, Mktg 6201
Exam Review
Spring 2015
Marketing Management
Define the 4 “Ps”
Value Proposition – Customer Perceived Value
Customer Satisfaction
Customer Lifetime Value
Market Share
Share of Customer
Customer Relationship Groups
Segmentation and Positioning
Define each
Segmentation Strategies
Targeting – How to Evaluate Segments
4 General Positioning Strategies/ 8 Specific Strategies
Product and Service Strategies
Define and describe all of the components of a “Product”
Describe the characteristics of a “Service”
Define “Brand” and the components that comprise a brand (Equity, awareness, recognition, etc.)
Describe the branding options a manufacture has (Private Brands, Co-brands, etc.)
Describe the four branding strategies available for growing a brand (Brand Extension, etc.)
Product Cannibalism – Define
Stages in Product Life Cycle
Pricing Strategy
Components of Pricing
List Price
Incentives& allowances
Extra Fees
Price Elasticity of Demand
Break Even Analysis
Types of Pricing:
New Product:
Product Line
Optional Based
Captive Product
Product Bundle
Marketing Management
Exam Review
Spring 2015
Page Two
Price Adjustment strategies:
Marketing Communications
The 6 Ms of Advertising
Personal Selling vs. Advertising
Determining the Budget – options
Media – relevant factors
Advantages/Disadvantages of Various Media
Personal Selling – Characteristics
Sales Promotion – Consumer vs. Trade
Public Relations – Benefits/Uses
Channels of Distribution and Logistics
Define the three types of functions performed by channel members Channels of Distribution
Distinguish between traditional and direct channels
Describe the types of Vertical Marketing Systems
Define Logistics
Describe advantages/disadvantages of two modes of transportation
Financial Calculations
Unit Contribution
Market Share
Chain Calculations
Pro-forma Income