SVKM’s NMIMS UNIVERSITY Course: Distance Learning Year: 2008-2009

Course: Distance Learning
Subject: Product Management
Time: 3 hours
NB :
Year: 2008-2009
Marks: 100
1. Attempt any 5 Questions
2. Answers must be precise and written in points
3. Give relevant examples wherever needed
Q 1. What is a product? What is product management? Explain the different types of
products? (20)
Q 2. Discuss the factors that matter while considering product line extension. Explain the
advantages and disadvantages of product line extension. (20)
Q 3. Explain the concept of Product Life Cycle in detail. How do the various stages of the
PLC effect product planning, advertising and marketing strategy? (20)
Q 4.
Explain the BCG Growth-share matrix in detail. Choose a company and construct an
arbitrary BCG matrix for its various products. (20)
Q 5. What is product pricing? What are the various types of pricing? Explain the
relationship between price an demand?
Q 6. Write a note on brand positioning. Your company has manufactured a new brand of
laptop that is sleek, extremely light and smaller in size. What are your strategies for
positioning this brand?
Q 7.
Write short notes on –
a. Break-even analysis
b. Return on investment (10)
Q 8. Your organization intends to launch a new brand of jeans, focused at the young and
trendier consumers. As the Product Manager, you are responsible for the success of the
product. Outline the steps you will follow.