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Software Development
DataCenter services
Dell Preferred / OEM
and MSA Partner
Business Continuity
Your Goal!
Our mission!
It’s not a question if
So what if ……
Customer needs
Software only
Hardware only
Services only
End-to-End Solutions
Our solutions are
Fits any company
Disaster Avoidance & Recovery
Should not be bound to specific locations
Self managed Datacenter(s)
EMEA nCoActive Datacenters
We deliver End-to-End Business Continuity for
Physical & virtual servers
Laptops & Desktops
Datacenter services from third parties
Cloud services from third parties
using state-of-the-art technologies
Customer services / goals
Increase reliability
Trusted Advisor
Risk/impact analyses
Management services
Security services
Disaster Avoidance services
Disaster Recovery services
Hosting services
Implementation services
Our End-to-end Business Continuity solution includes
Central Monitoring & Alerting
Back-up & Recovery
High Availability
Cloud enabling
Bare Metal Recovery
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Mobile device management (MDM)
Advanced Reporting
Hard- & Software
Customer benefits
Reduce risks & costs
Decrease complexity
Reduce TCO
Predictable ROI
Minimum data loss (RPO)
Fast & efficient recovery (RTO)
Data protection assurance
Security assurance
Seamless cloud migrations
Single Point of Entry
Ease of Mind
Soft- & Hardware
AppAssure BDR
nCoActive services and software
SonicWall SRA and NSA
Dell networking
Wyse terminals
Quest software suite
Dell PowerEdge
PowerVault MD Storage Arrays
Dell Equallogic & Compellent
Dell Desktops & Laptops
nCoActive Continuity Cloud
Protect data and services from downtime and businesses from losing revenue and its
Achieve Business Continuity
Meet your RTO and RPO Objectives
Recovery Action Plan and DR Testing
Stand-by Resources
Multiple Replication Options
Managed or Unmanaged
Integrated Physical Appliances
nCoActive Solutions
eXcepta Mobile
Personal Cloud Backup
Self Restore (Enterprise)
Archiving solutions
Monitoring & Alerting
Recovery Portal
Bare Metal Recovery
Reporter (Enterprise)
nCoActive Roadmap
Rapid Repair (POS and Mobile)
Instant Archiving to the Cloud
Dell OEM appliances
eXcepta Mobile (enterprise) for AA5
AppAssure 5 catalog
Multi-Tenant (enterprise) gateway
Automatic analyzer
Extended Reporting
Automated BDR sales interface
IPhone, Android, blackberry app development
Desktop and laptop application development
Advanced, web based, recovery portals
Global DAR and customer monitoring
Geo tracking
Value Add to Dell
End-to-End offerings
Offer extra functionality
Meet customer demands
Close more deals
Services enablement
OEM appliances
Increase hardware & software sales
Sell multi-year services contracts
Raise customer satisfaction
Solutions across every device, appliance and component
Beat the competition
Don’t think innovative, be innovative
We know what we have
Do you?
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