Politics with a K

Alliances, War and Colonialism
Politicks: Arbitrary Alliances,
Squabbling Super-Powers and
Growing Globalism
• Ruled By: House of Hohenzollern
• Rise:
– Fredrick William built 80,000 man standing army
– Permanent Taxation
– Absolute monarchy, weakened nobles’ power
– Nobles were the only Army officers (Junkers)
Fredrick The Great:
• Still Brutal
• Paternalism =
• “As the sovereign is
properly the head of
a family of citizens,
the father of his
people, he ought on
all occasions to be
the last refuge of the
War of Austrian Succession
Silesia: Iron Ore/Textiles and other economic goods.
Fred The Great: Did not believe that Maria would protect Silesia
because she was a woman.
Maria Theresa: Pleaded with Great Britain and Hungarian
nobles for aid against Prussia.
Alliances: Prussia/France and Austria/England
Austria/Great Britain held land for 8 years
Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle: 1748, Austria lost Silesia
New Alliances & The 7 Years War
Austria and France: Theresa no longer saw France as an opponent,
formed alliance with France, HUGE diplomatic revolution.
Russia: In league with Austria/France, Russia begins to play a role
in European affairs.
Great Britain and Prussia: Allied against Austria/France/Russia
Fredrick’s Assault: Prussia’s attack on the small country of Saxony
thrust the entire continent (and colonies) into war.
Effects of the 7 Years War
• War Lasts until 1763
Europe • No real territory change
• Struggle for colonial supremacy
Colonies • France loses North America/India/Caribbean
• British victories set stage for 1800’s
Future • Increasing value of foreign territory