AP Government 2013-2014

AP Government 2013-2014
Mr. Male
Room 109
Mr. Male
Room 109
AP Government
• Objective: SWBAT
understand the nature
of AP Government.
• Drill: Who are you? In
three sentences tell me
who you are. What is
your relationship to
• Homework: get syllabus
signed, due Wednesday.
What Are We Getting Into?
-This is a college level class, it requires you to do reading and other projects
outside of class.
-You are not required to take the AP test in May, but you can earn college
credit for your score.
This Class….
• Will be a mixture of
outside reading, in class
argumentative writing,
and projects, all in
preparation for you to
have a working
knowledge of the
American Political
Writing Assignments
• For all formal writing
assignments you will use
• Writing assignments are
due by midnight of the
due date.
• Late assignments, unless
otherwise discussed will
receive a zero.
• No late work will be
What you are going to be studying
• This class aims to give you
a working knowledge of
the American Political
System, and how the
ideals of the framers of
the Constitution can be
seen in modern times.
• We will use current
events to emphasis
important government
Current Events
• Sign up on the calendar,
two people a day will
• Articles should have a
direct relation to what we
are discussing in class.
• It is up to you to take
• Each Friday we will have a
current events quiz
Current Events
• Each Student is required
to sign up for a current
event starting Tuesday
September 2.
• Each issue should be
relevant to the topics we
are covering in class.
• Summaries will be turned
into turnitin.com
• Failure to do so will result
in a zero for a homework
Breakdown of the Class
• AP Government and
Politics is broken into 6
• Each unit will have a
vocabulary component
• Each unit will end with
a multiple choice test
and an FRQ
• This is to prepare you
for the AP Exam.
• Unit I: Constitutional
Underpinnings of
United States
• Unit II: Political Beliefs
and Behaviors
• Unit III: Political Parties,
Interest Groups, and
Mass Media
• Unit IV: Institutions of
National Government
• Unit V:Public Policy
• Unit VI: Civil Rights and
Civil Liberties