12/2 Case Study

Science Starter
1. What are the 4 steps of respiration?
2. What is the difference between
expiration and inspiration?
3. What is the difference between
obstructive and restrictive lung
4. How did our asthma simulation
yesterday affect cognitive function?
Today’s Agenda
• Science Starter
• Respiratory System Notes
• A Case Study in Physiology
• Plastination, what is it?
• Exit Quiz
**Unit 6 Assessment Tomorrow**
Passes will be given today for the field trip Friday
Unit 6:
6.4 Respiratory Complications
Respiration - process of gas exchange
1. Movement of air into lungs
2. Gas exchange between blood and air (external respiration)
3. Gas transport in blood
4. Gas exchange between blood and cells (internal respiration)
*Cellular Respiration - oxygen use and CO2 production at a
cellular level
Organs of the Respiratory System
• Main organs of the upper and
lower respiratory system
• Pharynx & Larynx have
cartilage bands and muscle
• The Trachea lacks cartilage
bands, causing it to be flexible
Asthma Attack
• A condition in which a person's airways
become inflamed, narrow and swell, and
produce extra mucus, which makes it
difficult to breathe
• Symptoms
• Severe wheezing when breathing both in
and out
• Coughing that won't stop
• Very rapid breathing
• Chest tightness or pressure
• A condition characterized by an
excess of watery fluid collecting in
the cavities or tissues of the body
• It is a response of the body to
inflammation or injury (allergic
• Symptoms
• Shortness of Breath
• Heavy Limbs
• Cough
Pulmonary Embolism
• A condition in which one or
more arteries in the lungs
become blocked by a blood
clot (fat or tumor)
• Symptoms
• Shortness of Breath
• Chest Pain
• Cough
• Leg pain or swelling
• Clammy skin or cyanosis
A Case Study in Physiology
• Read through the case study on Barbara
(the grandmother)
• Use the information in your notes and in
the document to answer all the questions
• Some of the questions will need to be
answered on a separate sheet of paper
• If you need to research, feel free! (all info
should be there!)
Body Worlds Reading
• Read both side of the paper
• Highlight any interesting views, opinions, or ideas
• Write up a short response on a separate sheet of
paper to the following questions:
1. Would you want your body or a relative to go through
2. Is it a good idea to exhibit Plastinates for the public?
Exit Quiz
1. Do you have any dietary restrictions? (vegan,
lactose intolerant, etc.)
2. What was the issue with Barbara, why is this
3. Why did these issues cause swelling of her legs?
4. When a person has an asthma attack, what is
happening inside the lungs?