McDonald's Strategies

McDonald’s Strategies
Corporate-level Strategies:
•Concentrate mainly on the fast food market
•Diversification- menu has many different types of
foods to choose from
•Products- make the names of their products
attractive to consumers
Strategies Continued
Business-level Strategy:
• Push/pull strategy- focus on products that target
all age groups
• Low cost
• Balance active lifestyles- healthy menu choices,
provide more nutrition information, interactive
web-based tool that provides health information
on products
• Go Active!- adult happy meal that included a
small step counter
McDonald’s Marketing Mix
• People: well trained individuals that deliver
great services to their customers
• Products: goals is to serve high quality
food to all consumers
• Place: comfortable atmosphere
• Price: prices that all income levels can
• Promotion: act as good leaders on issues
important to consumers