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Avaya Servers EASG Feature Activation

AVAYA SERVERS EASG Feature Activation/Enable HOW TO
1. Avaya Session Border Controller (SBCE)
 Login to SBCE-EMS (https://SBCE-EMS IP/sbc)
Login as: ucsec
 Select Device: EMS
 System Administration
2. Avaya Aura Device Services (AADS)
Avaya Multimedia Messaging (AMM)
Avaya Aura Web Gateway (AAWG)
Avaya Media Server (AAMS)
Open the SSH console as an administrator or customer account.
By default, the EASG status is disabled.
Check the status of EASG by running the following command:
[cust@server1]: EASGStatus
Procedure to Enable EASG
[cust@server1]: sudo /usr/sbin/EASGManage –enableEASG
Run the following command to verify the product certificate
[cust@server1]: sudo EASGProductCert –certInfo
Procedure to Disable EASG
[cust@server1]: sudo /usr/sbin/EASGManage –disableEASG
Procedure to Remove EASG permanently
[cust@server1]: sudo /opt/Avaya/permanentEASGRemoval.sh