Healthcare Communication Day 5 Lesson Plan-0

CMS Lesson Plan
Teacher: Mrs. Shannon Cofield, RDH
Lesson Components
Focused Standard/Element(s)
Essential Question(s)
Course/Level: Healthcare Science/6th Grade
Details and Steps of Lesson
Healthcare Communication
Day 5
How do I understand what this doctor is talking about?
(5 minutes)
Reflect on this statement: Would you feel safe if a doctor said this to you?
How many diseases or problems could saying “you’re really sick” mean?
(5-10 min)
Work-Time Activities
(35- 40 min)
Today I’d like to continue with what we discussed yesterday and start learning to
memorize some of the word parts and how to put them together. At the end of class,
you will have a short open-note quiz. This is something we will continue to work on
throughout your middle school career.
Select five common medical roots from yesterday, and write it down on a sheet of
construction paper with the definition. When you have finished, create a drawing of
each of the images that helps you remember the words. For example, I could write
“Hepat-; Liver” My word association is “He pats on the liver”, so I would draw hands
patting the liver.” (Image will be drawn on the board so students can’t use the
excuse, “I can’t”)
Using all medical terminology notes, answer a ten question matching quiz and submit
to turn-in box with five drawings from today.
Closure Activity (10 min)
1) Why is it important to know and understand medical terminology as a healthcare
worker? As a patient?
2) What do suffixes usually do to the word root?
3) Name three common medical word parts and define their meaning.
Additional Information
Over the past week, we’ve learned how you would best communicate with patients
and use medical terms in healthcare. You’ll now be able to communicate as
healthcare workers as we begin discussing and learning about careers available in
healthcare tomorrow.
How is this a rigorous Common
Core lesson?
(Specifically focus on TKES
Standards 3 and 8)
Differentiation Strategies
(to target student growth)